How do i measure skateboard trucks?

Ressie Hettinger asked a question: How do i measure skateboard trucks?
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To determine the width of a skateboard truck, you measure the width of the axle (outer width) and the width of the hanger (inner width). The trucks should always fit the width of your Skateboard.


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❓ How do you measure skateboard trucks?

Measure the body of the truck to get the info you need to determine if it will fit your deck. 5" skateboard trucks fit decks 7.5 to 8 inch decks. 5 1/4 inch for 8 to 8.5 inch decks.

❓ How to measure your skateboard trucks?

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks in Easy Steps

  • Get a ruler or a measuring tape. You will be needing a ruler and measuring tape to get the appropriate size of your trucks
  • Measure the length of the skateboard truck. You may begin by measuring the length of the truck using a ruler or measuring tape…
  • Flip your board and put the truck on the deck…
  • Place the wheels on the truck…
  • Consider the truck height…

❓ How to measure the size of your skateboard trucks?

If you’re wanting to use your skateboard for transportation, we recommend softer wheels (78a – 85a) Skateboards under 9" wide can utilize all styles of grip tape, while board over 9" wide will need grip tape in the 10"+ range. If you’re getting wheels bigger than 55mm, we recommend getting riser pads to avoid getting wheel bite.

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Skateboards require two trucks, and both need matching measurements. To know if both truck measurements match, measure from one truck’s top starting at the tip of its left axle. Get its measurement from the left up to the tip of its right axle. Repeat this step with the other truck, ensuring you get the same measurement.

Measure On A Skateboard Just in case you don’t have a way to measure it, you can simply put it on your skateboard and what you do is put your skateboard on side horizontally and put the truck in the same manner so it lines up with your board.

Measure the length of the skateboard truck You may begin by measuring the length of the truck using a ruler or measuring tape. Typically, a lightweight 5.0 truck is about seven and a half inches. 3.

When choosing skateboard trucks and measuring them, it's important to make sure they correspond with the size of the board. Discover how to choose and measur...

How to measure skateboard trucks? In general, it is not necessary to measure the trucks since the size will be offered to you on each of our product pages. If, however, you still need to measure them, you should measure either the width of your deck or the length of the hanger and then follow our Skateboard Truck Size Guide depicting which truck size you should get for your board and vice versa.

To determine the width of a skateboard truck, you measure the width of the axle (outer width) and the width of the hanger (inner width). The trucks should always fit the width of your Skateboard. It’s important that they’re not much wider than the deck because otherwise, the centre of gravity will shift to the side of the deck.

To measure the truck wheelbase, fix your trucks to your deck and compare the distance between the two axles. Bolts are one of the center-point for measuring the dimension of a skateboard. More than the wheelbase, you can measure the length of the nose and tail.

Find out how to measure your longboards board clearance, this lets you know which trucks you can load on your board without getting wheelbite.This video is s...

Moreover, the dropped nut may cause the trucks to separate when skating. As a result, it should be the right size and slightly protrude from the board. You often see them in sets of eight bolts and eight nuts. 7/8″ (for no risers) and 1″ (with 1/8″ risers) are the most frequent sizes of skateboard hardware.

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Skateboard trucks which way?

Skateboards typically use Standard Kingpin (SKP) trucks, which are placed so that the kingpin and bushings of both trucks face each other. Conversely, many longboards, particularly larger ones, use Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks in which the kingpin is on the opposite side of the axle and therefore points the other way compared to SKP.

Which direction skateboard trucks?
  • Which way do my skateboard trucks go? The trucks should be placed so that the kingpin and the bushings of each face inwards, toward the other. Attach the nuts to the screws to hold the trucks loosely in place until you can fasten them securely.
Who makes skateboard trucks?
  • Established in 1978, Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California. The Independent skateboard truck, also known as an “Indy,” was created due to the lack of quality trucks on the market. They are light and long-lasting, with a glossy and transparent coated finish.
How to measure skateboard bearings?

The ABEC rating is a system developed to measure the tolerances and physical limits of ball bearings used in very fast spinning machinery. ABEC ratings are shown on almost all skateboard bearings, but a higher rating doesn't necessarily mean it is better for skateboarding.

How to measure skateboard length?

Nose length is measured from the middle of the front truck holes to tip of the nose.Tail length is measured from the middle of the rear truck holes to tip of the tail.

How to measure skateboard stance?

When you first learn how to ride a board you start with determining your stance. This goes for snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, and many sports that involve a board. There isn’t an exact way to measure which foot should be in front, but there are a couple of tricks to find out if you are a goofy or regular.

How to measure skateboard wheelbase?

How to measure length: The length is measured by stretching the tape measure across the top of the skateboard from tip to tip bending the tape measure across the concave of the board. How to measure wheelbase: The wheelbase is the measure of distance between one inside truck hole and another. How to measure the nose and tail:

Are cruiser trucks and skateboard trucks the same?

The reversed kingpin sits in the hanger and faces outward while the standard kingpin sits through the screw and faces inside. And the difference between cruiser trucks and skateboard trucks is that most cruiser trucks have a reverse kingpin. This is because this type of kingpin is for cruising.

Are skateboard trucks and longboard trucks the same?

Longboard trucks versus skateboard trucks. Longboard and skateboard trucks are the metal t-shaped pieces that are attached to your deck/board and all longboards and skateboards use 2 trucks. The size of the truck are measured by hanger or axle width. Which one to use is not that difficult just check out the text below.

Why are skateboard trucks called reverse kingpin trucks?
  • Reverse-kingpin trucks are named so because the kingpin is located on the opposite side of the axle from traditional skateboard trucks. In terms of performance, the geometry of reverse-kingpin trucks allows them to turn much more efficiently than traditional trucks making them better for carving and quick turning.
8.25 skateboard what size trucks?

Size Guide - Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Truck Size Guide
Deck SizeHanger WidthAce
7.5 to 7.75"127mm / 5"22
7.75 to 8.25"137mm / 5.25"33
8.25 to 8.75"149mm / 6"44
Are all skateboard trucks universal?

These are sold in sets in case you do need a fresh pair, most skate trucks have a universal size. If you are working with longboard trucks, the sizing may be different so contact us to find the best fit.

Are bullet skateboard trucks good?

Is Bullet Trucks A Reliable Brand? Anyone who has used the products from Bullet can agree that this is an excellent brand. The trucks not only have the best high-quality build construction, but they also provide a great board feel and control.

Are caliber skateboard trucks good?

Caliber V2 180mm/10inch Review

They make great trucks for beginners because of how stable yet turny they are. The 50-degree baseplate angle means they will turn a lot, but they will still be stable and easy to use thanks to the 'special geometry' of the trucks.

Are cheap skateboard trucks good?

Best Budget: CCS Skateboard Trucks

It can be tough to find budget-friendly trucks that are actually worth the buy. But CCS's Skateboard Trucks offer pretty great value, making them a solid pick for skateboarders looking to score a deal. The trucks promise to feel both durable and lightweight.

Are element skateboard trucks good?

Element Skate Trucks - Ask a question now. Refine your search. Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period. Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted over the last month. Only show reviews with star rating of: 5 Star ; 4 Star 1; 3 Star ; 2 Star 1; 1 Star ; Average Rating ...

Are enuff skateboard trucks good?
  • Enuff riders often say that even though the Enuff skateboard complete may not be fully on par with top brands in the industry, they are well worth the price you pay for them, and a great option for those on a budget. Riders are also generally happy with the quality of Enuff’s ABEC9 bearings and Enuff Corelite wheels.
Are fury skateboard trucks good?

Furys are incredibly stable trucks, because of the larger pivot point in the hanger. Like Ace, the alloy feels hard and fast while grinding, giving them strength and durability – although they are a little bit softer than Ace hangers.

Are havoc skateboard trucks good?

Havoc is one of the best skateboard trucks according to us since our research shows that Havoc has earned a name for providing with a continually decent quality skateboard truck for a reasonable price. This is supposed to be the lightest skateboard trucks in the present market.

Are heavy skateboard trucks good?

Heavy skateboard trucks are usually easier to grind on because of more weight, but at the same time, it can be difficult to lift the skateboard high up… If, on the other hand, you have a lot of strength to kick up the board, heavier trucks can be a better choice.

Are industrial skateboard trucks good?
  • Industrial skateboard trucks are extremely strong and lightweight. They are the tried and true choice for both pros and amateurs because they stand up to even the harshest skating conditions. The combination of their tough composition and high quality metal makes Industrial trucks a good choice for learning tricks.
Are light skateboard trucks better?

High trucks are great for skating mini ramps, bowls, and verts and go from 53.5 mm to 58 mm. They turn a bit better compared to low trucks because of their higher profile. If you like to ride bigger wheels you should definitely go for high trucks! Because they turn better they give a bit of a surfy feeling when cruising on bigger wheels.

Are my skateboard trucks backwards?

Difference between Skateboard Trucks andLongboard Trucks:

Longboard trucks are usually reversed kingpins (the center bolt on which the hanger pivots), meaning the kingpin faces outwards. Standard kingpin trucks for short boards sit with the screw facing inside to protect it from grinds and whatnot.