How bodybuilding judging works?

Elouise Lehner asked a question: How bodybuilding judging works?
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Typically, seven judges rank the competitors. However, to achieve what the IFBB deems a fair average, each competitor's highest and lowest scores are dropped… The lowest score is equal to the highest ranking in bodybuilding, so the competitor with the lowest overall score wins.


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  • As an example, looks how long it took for runners to break the four-minute mile barrier. But once one runner did it, suddenly hundreds were accomplishing the same thing. Fundamentally, judging in bodybuilding is based on the ability of the judges to know what a good bodybuilder looks like when they see one.

❓ What's the point of a bodybuilding judging system?

  • The point of any and all of these judging systems and procedures is (or at least should be) to identify the best bodybuilders and rank them according to excellence. That is, the goal of judging is not to define what good bodybuilding is supposed to be but to recognize it. Picture of the old system of judging!

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  • A bodybuilder needs to be able to supply his muscles with a lot of ATP then in order to perform the necessary movements in the gym – and there are three ways in which they can do this. The first way the body gets ATP is through the phosphagen system which uses the ATP stored in the muscles and body to generate that energy.

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Fundamentally, judging in bodybuilding is based on the ability of the judges to know what a good bodybuilder looks like when they see one. If a judge doesn't have a good "eye" for bodybuilding, it doesn't really matter what kind of system of rules is used.

How Bodybuilding is Judged Muscle Mass. A bodybuilder needs to have developed muscles. Otherwise, judges can’t accurately critique the shape and... Definition. On the flip, packing a ton of smooth, soft muscle mass isn’t going to win shows either. A winning physique... Symmetry and Balance. While ...

Bodybuilding Judging Explained Men's Physique FocusedInstagram: @patty.liftsApply to Join The Team! Premium Online Fitness C... What The Judges Are Looking For?

There are a number of judges. The judges mark down what placing they think the competitor should have. Then they take out the lowest and highest scores. Say there are seven judges and they all think Jay Culter should be 1st. Then all seven would say 1 and the score would be 7; eliminate the low and high score, you have 5.

Bodybuilding contests are held in various rounds, but given how the brain works it might actually make sense for the judges not to do any scoring until the end of the event, after they have been looking at the competitors for considerable time and their brains have had time to store, correlate and assess what they have been looking at.

whats up with that? that would obviously mean the people arent being judged on what they look like onstage, lol how how does judging REALLY work? - Forums

Bodybuilders are judged on the overall quality of their muscular development. Judging is based upon the presentation of: Mass; Definition; Proportion; Symmetry; Stage Presence; Mass: The perception of muscular size, has been the foundation for bodybuilding since the beginning of the sport. Yet, mass is only a merit when accompanied by the remaining qualities.

The judges look at each individual bodybuilder in their routines. Then they line them up for comparison rounds to see how each physique stacks up to each other. During our interview, Nick Scott also details how he brought the Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding division into the Arnold Classic competition.

Judging Criteria is a critical aspect of natural bodybuilding competition, helping athletes to understand what judges are looking.

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