G2 Valorant reportedly sign ShahZaM & dapr with other NA stars

Reports indicate G2 plans to stick with Valorant by signing a star-studded North American team to compete in the Challengers circuit.

G2 Valorant reportedly sign ShahZaM & dapr with other NA stars

Reports have indicated that G2 Esports are signing former Sentinels stars ShahZaM and dapr to their Valorant squad, along with other strong North American talent.

G2 have been hinting at their new Valorant roster with a teaser a day from December 7-11, each giving Valorant fans a sneak peek at what they have in store for 2023.

Though G2 were denied Valorant partnership due to an incident involving their former CEO interacting with Andrew Tate, the organization still has clear interest in the scene.

Reports have confirmed the teased players for G2’s new roster, with Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan and Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino of Sentinels fame being on the roster along with other strong NA talent.

G2 reportedly sign star-studded Valorant roster for 2023

Despite having an EMEA team before their Valorant partnership got snubbed, G2 have pivoted their focus to creating a North American roster that can compete in the Challengers League.

A report from dotesports indicates that G2’s roster will be ShahZaM and dapr along with former Version1 players Erik ‘penny’ Penny and Maxim ‘wippie’ Shepelev. While wippie hails from Russia, he was with V1 since the start of his Valorant career, and has been representing NA in the game since retiring as a CSGO player.

OXY rounds out the roster, a player with a strong track record in the proving grounds while playing with a team called Dark Ratio. He’s the only unproven talent with the team, and is a bit of a wildcard in comparison to the other players on G2’s reported roster.

These claims align with G2’s most obvious teaser yet, a lightning bolt with a striking resemblance to that of the superhero Shazam.

While G2 may have been excluded from Valorant partnership, they’re not out of the running to get a spot in the international league. There will be a new circuit called Ascension that gives teams a chance to fight for a spot in the international league.

Whether or not G2 can claw their way back into Valorant’s biggest and most prestigious circuit remains to be seen.