European gliding championships 2019 prievidza?

Joelle Dach asked a question: European gliding championships 2019 prievidza?
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  • The Slovak National Aeroclub and the Aeroclub of Prievidza, as the Organiser, kindly invite all National Aeroclubs to participate in the 20th FAI European Gliding Championships in the Club, Standard and 15m classes in the summer of 2019.


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  • 4th European Junior Gliding Championships in Musbach (Germany), 1997 The contests were replaced by the Junior World Gliding Championships in 1999. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the calendar was revised to shift the World and European Gliding Championships by one year, additionally reintroducing the European Junior Gliding Championships in 2021.

❓ Who are the winners of the european gliding championships?

  • European Gliding Championships. Each of the following entries give the year and location of the contest followed by the winner of each class, nationality and the glider used. 15th Championships – 2009 Pociūnai, Lithuania 25 July 2009 – 8 August 2009 Official website 20 meter Two-Seater Class Winners: Janusz Centka/M.

❓ 2019 european judo championships?

  • The 2019 European U23 Judo Championships were the edition of the European U23 Judo Championships, organised by the European Judo Union. It was held in Izhevsk , Russia from 1–3 November 2019. [1] [2] [3]

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20th FAI European Gliding Championships 2019, Prievidza, Slovakia (Club, Std., 15m)

20th FAI European Gliding Championship 2019 Prievidza, Slovakia, 7 July 2019 – 20 July 2019

Dear gliding friends, The Slovak National Aeroclub and the Aeroclub of Prievidza, as the Organiser, kindly invite all National Aeroclubs to participate in the 20th FAI European Gliding Championships in the Club, Standard and 15m classes in the summer of 2019.

20th Championships – 2019, Prievidza, Slovakia, 7–20 July 2019, (Standard, Club and 15m Classes) Standard Class Winner: Pavel Loužecký , Czech Republic; Glider: LS-8 Club Class Winner: Tom Arscott , Great Britain; Glider: LS7

20th FAI European Gliding Championships. Open • 18m • 20m Multi-Seat Classes. Stalowa Wola 11 - 25 May 2019. EGC2019 - organizer City of Stalowa Wola and Regional Aeroclub at Airfield Turbia (EPST).

The European Gliding Championships Prievidza Slovakia After 12 Flying Days Champions in Standard, Club and 15 m classes were declared at the 20th EGC. In Club class Tom Arscott from Great Britain beat his teammate G Dale into to take the championship title.

20th European Gliding Championships, Prievidza, 7 July 2019 – 20 July 2019 Sisestas einar, N, 2019-07-04 20:28

# glidingparadise # aeroklubprievidza # discus2ct # gliding # snow # clouds # lzpe # nice # ride Glidingparadise is at Aeroklub Prievidza . April 24 · Prievidza, Slovakia ·

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