Does walking on a roof damage it?

Allie Vandervort asked a question: Does walking on a roof damage it?
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Other than physical harm, walking on the roof of a building can actually cause damage to roofing materials… This shortens the roof's lifespan and degrades the shingles. There is no need to walk on the roof unless it is for the rare and occasional repair. It is not a good idea to walk upon a roof for any other reason.


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Another name for this condition is patellofemoral pain syndrome. Its most obvious symptom is increasing pain with stair climbing. The affected knee can hurt when you go up or down stairs. Chondromalacia patella is usually treated with rest and ice — and little or no stair climbing at first.

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Saltwater pool water can become too acidic if not properly monitored and rebalanced as needed. Acids are known to deteriorate concrete.

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