Does southwest airlines allow skateboards?

Tremayne Rodriguez asked a question: Does southwest airlines allow skateboards?
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  • Southwest Airlines allow you to take your skateboard on your plane as either a carry-on item or a checked-in bag. The carry-on option is much more preferable as it does not require you to sacrifice as much of your luggage.


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❓ What airlines allow skateboards?

For example, Southwest Airlines ( and United-Continental Airlines ( allow passengers to bring skateboards as carry-on items, while Delta Airlines ( allows skateboards as checked luggage but not as a carry-on item.

❓ Which airlines allow skateboards?

For example, Southwest Airlines ( and United-Continental Airlines ( allow passengers to bring skateboards as carry-on items, while Delta Airlines ( allows skateboards as checked luggage but not as a carry-on item.

❓ Does alaska airlines allow electric skateboards?

Include but limited to: electric boards, hoverboards, gliders, electric unicycles, intelligent scooters, or similar devices of any type which use lithium or lithium ion batteries (e.g. rechargeable, LifePo, NMC, etc.) will not be accepted in either checked or carry-on baggage.

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Can i bring a skateboard on southwest airlines?

Ryanair doesn’t allow bringing a skateboard as carry on, you can check in the baggage and fees may apply. Policy (listed under 8.4.7) Southwest Airlines: Carry-on: If the skateboard fits under the seat in front of you (good luck with that) you can place it there without the need of bagging it.

Can you take a skateboard on southwest airlines?

Can you bring a skateboard on a southwest airlines flight Answer: Southwest Airlines limits carry on bag dimensions to 10x16x24 inches so if your skateboard is longer...

Can i carry on a skateboard on southwest airlines?

Skateboard, may be substituted for a carryon or a checked bag. If the skateboard fits under the seat, it does not need to be in a bag or covered, but it does have to be stowed with the wheels up so that it doesn't roll… Keels and fins must be removed and placed in carryon or checked baggage.

Can you take a paintball gun on southwest airlines?
  • Southwest Airlines Firearms Policy The same basic rules apply to Southwest Airlines, and their regulations do not appear to have any special exceptions. One notable rule is that they treat paintball guns and BB guns as all other firearms. (The TSA does not, although it has special regulations for these.)
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