Does abec matter for skateboard bearings?

Steve Koelpin asked a question: Does abec matter for skateboard bearings?
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The common misconception is that the higher the ABEC rating, the better and faster the bearing. This isn't necessarily true… “The precision or the ABEC of the bearing doesn't really matter because skateboarding is a non-precision application,” he says.


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❓ What does abec mean for skateboard bearings?

Annular Bearing Engineering Committee

ABEC is an acronym for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee of the AFBMA (Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association Inc). The ABEC scale of bearings is a set of standards for the manufacturing tolerances of bearings. All quality manufacturers around the world manufacture to at least ABEC 1 standard.

❓ Do bearings matter skateboard?

Bearings: What Do They Do On Skateboards? Bearings allow the skateboard to rotate, turn, and spin on the axle of the wheel. As a matter of fact, skateboard bearings are very important. They will also offer protection against metal grinding on metals within the wheels. Skateboard bearings, on the other hand, are small circular devices.

❓ Are there any abec ratings for skateboard bearings?

  • Misconceptions about the relevance of ABEC ratings to the performance of a bearing used for skateboarding run awry. Steve Heplar is the national sales manager at Alliance Bearing Industries in Van Nuys, California, a major supplier of bearings to the skateboard industry. “It’s silly that ABEC ratings are what skaters are looking at,” he says.

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A bearing's ABEC rating means almost nothing for skateboarding. The ABEC rating is designed to measure loads of stuff that doesn't matter for skateboarding, and doesn't cover loads of things that do matter. The reason you see the ABEC ratings at all in skate shops is because skate companies are lazy and want to sell you stuff.

“Today, skateboard companies are selling bearings, mainly with ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7 ratings. The common misconception is that the higher the ABEC rating, the better and faster the bearing. This isn’t necessarily true.

ABEC 1 skateboard bearings tend to be the least expensive, the most crude, and the least accurate. The quality of the steel is not very high. ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are generally inexpensive and do not roll smoothly or quickly. ABEC 5 skateboard bearings are standard for most types of skateboarding.

The urban legend is that the higher the ABEC rating, the better and faster the bearings. But as is the case with most myths and legends, this one is for the most part nonsense. The acronym ABEC stands for “Annular Bearing Engineers Committee,” and is a standard for how fine the rolling elements are.

Bones bearings chooses not to put an ABEC rating on their bearings because it doesn't make sense on a skateboard bearing. ABEC ratings measure the tolerance of a bearing, so a higher ABEC rating means it can spin much faster in a machine, but this is not actually helpful when ranking skateboard bearings.

Spruce Skateboard Bearing ABEC-9/ABEC-11. While this may not be a fan favorite (not a lot of people are aware of how truly awesome this is) it still made its way to our list. Spruce Skateboard Bearing is one of those hidden gems in the skateboarding history. Don’t get me wrong, the manufacturer is relatively popular in the trade.

Bearings for Skateboards, Roller Skates, and Inline Skates. Skate bearings fit inside skate wheels and allow the wheels to spin on the axles. Whether you are skateboarding, roller skating, or inline skating, quality skate bearings are an essential component for any skate setup.

Skateboard bearings often have an ABEC rating that indicates the level of precision and durability. But skaters are often confused about what that means and how to get the best bearings for their board. ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee and is the U.S. method for rating the accuracy and tolerance of bearings.

ABEC ratings are shown on almost all skateboard bearings, but a higher rating doesn't necessarily mean it is better for skateboarding. There are many factors that are not included in the ABEC rating system, such as impact handling, lateral stress handling, materials, lubricant, noise, and vibration.

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Does it matter what bearings you get for your skateboard?

Almost every skateboard bearing is the same size and will fit on any skateboard wheel and truck. When choosing your bearings, it is important to think about your experience level and riding style. Bearings with higher quality parts will be faster and more durable.

What are the best abec bearings for skateboards?

1.14 Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards 1.15 Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Abec 9 Precision 608 Zz 1.16 Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings 1.17 Abec 7 Pro Skate Rated Quality 1.18 1.19

What is the abec rating for skateboarding bearings?
  • ABEC ratings are more for the intricate uses of a bearing, usually where a bearings is really put to the test, spinning really fast. But with skateboarding, it's way below that, especially as a beginner. Here's a good read on it I'd say, skate your Bones Reds bearings.
What does abec stand for on skateboard wheels?
  • ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee and is the U.S. method for rating the accuracy and tolerance of bearings. ABEC standards are set by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. Bearings are used for all kinds of things, not just skateboard wheels.
Is abec 5 good for skateboard?

ABEC 3 bearings work for most skateboarding, but won't roll very smoothly or fast. ABEC 5 bearings are the norm in skateboarding. You get a reasonable amount of speed, and at a reasonable cost. ABEC 7 bearings would be very fast and smooth, but very expensive.

Does color matter skateboard?

Size Matters

And as with trucks, don't worry about graphics and colors until you find the right shape and size for you. Some additional insider advice: Most skateboarders will ride with their wheel graphics facing inside for a cleaner, more minimal look anyway.

Does hardware matter skateboard?

hardware size doesnt matter. its the type of hardware and how you use it. if you use really thick rubber for protection, the hardware should be longer to compensate.

Does skateboard concave matter?

Skateboard concave shapes. Concave is a major factor in board performance. Skateboard manufacturers are always experimenting with new concave shapes to accommodate new types of skateboarding. Most concave shapes allow riders more foothold than a flat skateboard, which can take sliding, drifting, and turning to the next level.

Does skateboard hardness matter?

Hard Skateboard Wheels. A wheel's durometer can indicate whether it's better suited for longboarders or skateboarders… Harder wheels tend to be faster while softer wheels are slower because they grip better. Harder wheels are better suited for skate parks and rides on smooth surfaces.

Does skateboard size matter?

As a result, it should be the right size and slightly protrude from the board. You often see them in sets of eight bolts and eight nuts. 7/8″ (for no risers) and 1″ (with 1/8″ risers) are the most frequent sizes of skateboard hardware. Most skateboard layouts should be able to be put together with these sizes of hardware.

Does skateboard weight matter?

Does It Matter Your Weight When Skateboarding? I often came across this question on the forums, like Reddit.Yes, the weight has significance. The difference in weight affects the speed of the descents, the performance of tricks, and many other factors.

Does skateboard wheelbase matter?

The wider the deck, the smoother the ride. Then wheelbase can directly change your stance. A long wheelbase leaves more space between your trucks, which gives the rider a wider stance overall.

Does rain ruin skateboard bearings?

It makes your bearings get rusty which makes your smooth rolling ride turn into wal mart quality bearings. Also, the water can thin out the oil in your bearings and make them dryer over time (dry bearing with no lube = exploded bearing).

Does sand ruin skateboard bearings?

Sand sticks to bearing lube/grease

And if you try to wipe it off, what you really do is push all those small granules into your bearing openings. You're putting little microscopic rocks in between the pieces that spin. Nothing will wear down the performance of your bearings faster than that.

Does target sell skateboard bearings?

Skateboard bearings play a pivotal role in the functional performance of your skateboard and are as important and essential as any other component on your board that you can buy. Bearings can be steel, ceramic, titanium or a combination of materials in an assortment of colors and are mounted inside of the wheels and onto the truck axle. There are many common misconceptions when it comes to ...

Does water ruin skateboard bearings?

So let’s take a look at how rain and water affect your skateboard parts. 1. Your Bearings Will Suffer. You really don’t want to get your bearings wet. Even though they aren’t that expensive it’s just a waste. The inner workings of your bearings will start to oxidate and once that process starts, it’s hard to fix. I had a bearing once that just gave away after an ollie and my whole wheel came flying off.

Does wd40 ruin skateboard bearings?

I agree with others though, throw away your WD-40 and never use it on anything. WD-40 is a water based lubricant that actually attracts water so it will eventually evaporate and will promote rusting while no longer lubricating.

Does foot size matter skateboard?
  • That being said the ideal skate deck size can be dependent on a few factors…namely your foot size and your method of skateboarding. If you have larger feet, size 12 or above, you will probably be more comfortable on an 8” or larger board. I wear a size 13 and am comfortable on an 8”-10” deck. The other factor is style of skating.
Does grip tape matter skateboard?

Stickiness. If you want to skate like the pros, you need a brand of grip tape that is sticky enough to keep you on your board… If you use a skateboard only for transportation, Jessup Griptape may be all you need. It's cheaper and doesn't last as long, but it's also a lot less likely to destroy your shoes.

Does hardware matter skateboard reddit?

Besides length and type (Phillips or hex, personal preference), no, there's no crucial differences in hardware.

Does riding skateboard backwards matter?

Beginning skaters often ask whether it matters if you lead with the front or back of your skateboard. The short answer is yes and no. There's nothing wrong with riding tail-first.

Does shape of skateboard matter?

Choosing board shape is also super important. The length, width, materials, and concave of your skateboard deck determine what you will be able to do on your skateboard. Depending on how hard you skate, you'll want to replace your skateboard deck anywhere from after a few weeks to a year.

Does size matter for skateboard?

In this video, I head over to 88th st skatepark (London Planetree Playground) in Queens, New York with my good friends @George Poulos, @Josh Katz & Ross Mayf...

Does size of skateboard matter?

In this video, I head over to 88th st skatepark (London Planetree Playground) in Queens, New York with my good friends @George Poulos, @Josh Katz & Ross Mayf...