Do you need a permit to use paintball markers?

Loraine Lang asked a question: Do you need a permit to use paintball markers?
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  • If you answered yes to this question, then you should complete the Notification of the supply or disposal of paintball markers form using section D. Paintball venue permit holders can enter into paintball marker sharing arrangements with other venue permit holders.


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❓ Do you need paintball markers to play paintball?

The first and most obvious piece of equipment you need for paintball is the paintball gun itself. Also known as markers, they are the main tool for the game itself. Paintball guns come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. How much money you want to spend on it is on you.

❓ What do you need to shoot paintball markers?

  • An air tank is what provides the propulsion needed to shoot out paintballs. There are two basic choices here – Co2 and compressed air. The first markers on the market came with a Co2. Their primary advantage is cost-efficiency. Their tanks are cheaper and easy enough to refill. You don’t need to find a specialist paintball store to get a refill.

❓ Are paintball markers weapons?

My answer is in bold and cap “No.”. In General and frankly speaking a PaintBall Marker cannot be considered as a lethal weapon. Even it should be considered as a childish idea to use a Marker as a Self-depending weapon.

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You need a permit to buy or own a paintball marker (paintball gun) in NSW. The permit does not allow you to use the paintball marker outside an authorised venue. You can apply online for a 1, 3 or 5-year permit

You will need this permit to acquire a paintball marker (paintball gun). Any firearm that is designed to fire a paintball is classified as a paintball marker. To acquire a new paintball marker you must hold a current paintball marker licence. A separate permit is required for each new paintball marker you obtain.

You will require a paintball marker permit if you intend to do the following: purchase a paintball marker possess a paintball marker when not at an authorised paintball venue. A paintball marker is a sporting device that propels a paintball using a gas or mixture of gases.

As per the draft rules, acquisition of airguns with muzzle energy under 20 joules or 15 feet or 0.177 mm will not require an arms licence. However, firearm replicas, paintball markers and blank firing firearms will be brought under the definition of arms. What does this mean?

It is only legal to transport a paintball gun if it is emptied of all paintballs, the propellant source on the marker is not connected, the paintballs are stored in a closed container, and the actual gun is secured in a wrapper or box.

For a paintball marker to be classed as an "Air Weapon" and therefore not require a licence it must not be fired above 12 ft/lbs for a “rifle” type and 6 ft/lbs for a “pistol” type. Nearly all paintball markers come under the “rifle” type, only markers like the “splatmaster” come into the “pistol” category.

If you wish to purchase your own paintball marker, you need to ensure that you carry the appropriate licence. Just like driving a car or boat, without carrying an appropriate licence, you could run into significant trouble including fines or even imprisonment. Here’s the requirements to purchase and own a paintball marker, by each state:

Certain state permits and licenses may be needed to operate a paintball arena business. Learn more about licensing requirements in your state by visiting SBA’s reference to state licenses and permits. In addition, certain local licensing or regulatory requirements may apply.

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How to sell paintball markers?

Only when trading towards a new piece of Paintball gun, you get TOP DOLLAR for your items! Our program is designed as a trade-up, so the new item you are wanting must be worth more than the used one being traded in. Not local, no problem you can submit the Paintball Trade/Sell form at

What are good paintball markers?

Whether you're a paintball player looking to get into pump paintball or have used these markers before, the Azodin KP3.5 KAOS is an excellent option. The best feature of this paintball marker is its smooth, dual cocking rods that make loading paint easy and satisfying.

What are mechanical paintball markers?

Mechanical paintball guns are the most common markers seen in recreational play. Mechanical markers are typically semi-automatic, meaning they fire one shot per trigger pull. They are easy to maintain and can be very affordable.

Why are paintball guns still called paintball markers?

Paintball guns are called ‘markers’ because they were initially used to mark trees (from a distance) that were to be cut down by the US Forestry Department. In this post, you will learn why some people refer to the equipment as a paintball gun, while others call it a paintball marker.

What kind of air compressor do you need for paintball markers?

In paintball, there are two main types of propellants you can use to power your paintball gun – Co2 and HPA (High Pressure Air). Co2 may be cheap and widely available, but HPA is the better choice if you want to play at the top of your game. This is because compressed air (another name for HPA) has a far more consistent output pressure than Co2.

What kind of air tank do you need for paintball markers?
  • There are two different kinds of air tanks for paintball markers. CO2 is cheaper, industrial gas and the choice of most beginners. Compressed air tanks, are the other.
Are paintball markers legal in nj?

A paintball gun, while not considered to be a firearm, is still classified as a weapon under New Jersey law because it is capable of inflicting serious bodily injury. As a result, individuals and even juveniles who think they are simply playing with a recreational item may find themselves in trouble with the law for offenses like unlawful possession of a weapon or possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

How do electronic paintball markers work?

All paintball guns (or paintball markers) are designed to shoot paintballs at high speeds using compressed gas--either air or CO2. When a paintball gun fires, a small bolt pushes a ball into the paintball barrel and simultaneously

How do you clean paintball markers?

Cleaning a paintball gun can become a bit messy if you don't know what you're doing. To thoroughly clean your paintball gun or marker you can use dish soap, warm water, a soft-bristle brush or a toothbrush, and maybe a pipe-cleaner. There is nothing too complicated with cleaning.

How do you ship paintball markers?

Just stick it in a flat rate box. If it fits, it ships. If you use the USPS flat rate box, take a roll of packing tape with you when you mail it.

What are paintball markers made of?

Paintball markers are simply created in factories and are made with plastic and aluminum. They work like any other pneumonic weapon or device by being powered with CO2 or compressed air.

What are the best paintball markers?

If money is no object then the DLX Luxe X is the best possible paintball marker money can buy. Ultralight weight, tournament ready, super efficient, and has a talking circuit board. Yes, the Luxe X literally tells you what percentage battery life, rate of fire, and condition the paintball marker is in when powered on.

What paintball markers do pros use?
  • The Empire Axe 2.0 is one of the most commonly used markers by paintball professionals. Despite being a favorite of pro-level players, this marker is also quite affordable. This particular marker has a great front grip, while the streamlined design makes it very comfortable to use.
Where to sell used paintball markers?

ebay or pbnation (PbNation | Paintball's Home Page) or if you're a member of a facebook paintball group or craigslist. ebay is probably the safest, but keep in mind the fees are quite a bit higher. PBN and facebook groups usually favor the buyer in price, most people are looking to get a good deal.

Why are paintball markers so expensive?

The extra features are another reason why most paintball guns are so expensive. These guns are not just simply a piece of metal that is used to fire spheres of paint to a board or your opponents on the battlefield. They are actually constructed to be the best on the battlefield.

What do you need to get a paintball permit?

You must: be aged 18 years or over. pass a fit and proper person assessment. have completed the General Firearms Safety training course for Long Arms. You do not need a permit if you are staying in NSW for less than 3 months and you hold a current equivalent paintball marker permit from another state or territory.

Are there holsters for spyder paintball markers?
  • There are as many paintball gun holsters as there are markers. From hip, leg, and vest to shoulder holsters, the Spyder marker will be compatible with virtually all of them. Players can find a holster that is light enough not to weigh them down but is still durable enough to go the distance.
Can you sell paintball markers on ebay?

I know you are not allowed to sell weapons ebay. Would a paintball marker be allowed?

How do i sell my paintball markers?
  1. Online. In today's social-networking age, many people are turning to online websites to sell their used gear…
  2. FaceBook…
  3. Ebay…
  4. Craigslist…
  5. Local Shops…
  6. Pawn Shops.
What are the best electronic paintball markers?

If you ask us personally, then the ultimate choice, that we would recommend you is Valken Paintball V-MAX Plus Electronic Motorized Loader – Black. If you are looking for something a bit on the cheaper side, then you have got your Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader (Black). For the rest options, read the article till the very end.