Do walk ons get playing time?

Antonette Abernathy asked a question: Do walk ons get playing time?
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If your tryout is successful, you'll be invited to walk on. Though you'll be a part of the team, you likely won't be given priority over the athletes recruited during the traditional process. You'll be expected to attend practices and work hard, but you probably won't have much playing time.


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As a walk-on, you may not see much playing time but you do play a major role during competitions. Clap it up— when things are going good, when the team is facing sudden change or adversity or when the game is on the line.

Most walk-ons will quit This is just the unfortunate truth. Whether it is an inability to keep up the school work, tired of getting pounded at practice with no playing time or a desire to look for an opportunity to earn a scholarship; most walk-ons will not finish their four years of eligibility at the same school.

Ethan Hemer at Wisconsin states that “‘I would say that Wisconsin is unique in that walk-ons get a legitimate shot to play,’ says Hemer. ‘At a certain point it’s a matter of talent and ability to play. I know that at other schools, it’s not like that. Walk-ons are there to fill a scout team role.’” Most Walk-ons Don’t Get Scholarships

Treat every practice like a tryout. With the risk of getting cut looming over their heads, college walk-ons need to give 100% during every workout, practice, scrimmage and game. Student-athletes...

The typical walk-on at a big time program generally lies somewhere in the middle. Most guys don't end up becoming All-Conference or, in the case of Matthews, All-Pro players.

It is the early signing period or not their signing day – Depending on the sport you play, your signing day might be different than “national signing day.” Make sure you know when you can/will be allowed to commit.

Published: 30 April, 2009. Hollywood loves feel-good stories about walk-ons who make the college football team. Unfortunately, those stories are the exception, rather than the rule. Most walk-ons never make the team, especially those at big-time football programs. The ones that do often end up on practice squads.

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