Did someone from walk off the earth die?

Elna Hills asked a question: Did someone from walk off the earth die?
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Mike 'Beard Guy' Taylor from Canadian band Walk Off the Earth has died. Mike Taylor, keyboardist and vocalist of Canadian band Walk Off the Earth, known as the “Beard Guy,” has died, the band confirmed Sunday… The band said that he passed away peacefully from natural causes last night while in his sleep.


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A MEMBER of pop group,Walk off the Earth, died on Saturday, days before a gig. Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor, who played keyboard, piano, and organ for the Canadian band died of natural causes in his...

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❓ Where did walk off the earth come from?

  • We chose the Dembow beat with the snare on the four to honor the origin of our inspiration. What was the process of making the song like? We recorded the song in our home studio in Toronto, Canada over a two week period. The song took many different forms until we landed where we did.

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How did the bearded guy from walk off the earth die?

Walk Off the Earth's Mike 'Beard Guy' Taylor Dies

He passed peacefully from natural causes last night in his sleep. Our deepest sympathies are with his two children, whom he adored more than anything else in the world.

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  • Facebook Mike Taylor is dead. Mike Taylor, a band member with the indie group Walk off the Earth who was affectionately known as “Beard Guy,” has died.
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The four-song EP was produced by Justin Koop and cowritten with producer-songwriter Thomas (“Tawgs”) Salter. The first single, “Red Hands,” was the first song written by the band's current lineup. It went double platinum in Canada and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart and No.

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Background and Formation. Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) and Ryan Marshall (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) began playing together in Burlington in 2006. They gradually met the current Walk off the Earth lineup through other local bands.

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