Could a sword cut a baseball bat?

Lawson Skiles asked a question: Could a sword cut a baseball bat?
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Video answer: Can i cut a baseball in half with a ninja sword? irl…

Can i cut a baseball in half with a ninja sword? irl…


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Video answer: Can i cut a baseball in half using only a plastic knife? irl…

Can i cut a baseball in half using only a plastic knife? irl…

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The Sole Survivor is lucky his melee build ran into a low-level Dragonborn because if he went against a daedric armored, enchanted sword-wielding, shouting machine with a metal bat he would be screwed. And the Dragonborn got lucky he did not bring a sword to a chaingun fight.

My system is based on a stick and a baseball bat. I do believe I could use a sword if I needed to, and I do believe that BSC is compatible with sword technique. But I’ve come to the conclusion that blades such as swords are not practical for me. Does that mean that my style is better than sword or blade styles? No, not by a long shot.

So far we have covered the main cutting targets for Japanese swords, traditional and contemporary, and taken a quick look at the two main types of blades you can cut said targets with. But none of this matters if your technique is a baseball bat like swing. Sure, some swords will still cut even in the hands of the most unskilled cutter.

Odds are, a person who has never held a gun before will be killed by someone proficient with a baseball bat or sword. Or more likely will have the gun taken from by an unarmed attacker. Train with your weapons, and have a backup plan for if your primary weapon fails.

It also takes a fairly quick cut because if your strike is too slow, all that happens is that you will bat them across the yard like a baseball (strike, youre out!).The smaller the container, the harder the cut is to make as there is more pressure inside the bottle. It should also be noted that swords with a thinner blade profile tend to cut

The force of a cut is (primarily) a combination of speed and mass. But too heavy a blade moves slowly and is therefore weak, while too light a blade drags through the air and lacks impact weight. The solution is a cutting sword well-balanced between its center of gravity and its center of percussion.

S1 E1 12:16 Shovel/BaseBall bat. Shovel: $26 (Wooden) BaseBall Bat: I refuse to believe Stan spent $80 on a new baseball bat. We’re going with Ebay prices at BEST. $20. S1 E1 12:50 Jacket, Hand sticks, Boots. The hoodie matches Robbie’s in nearly every way, so we’re going with that.

A sword has to start as a blank or huge piece of metal if it's going to have any strength to it at all. Melting it down and pouring it into a cast would be like trying to make a baseball bat out of particle board.

with the melee weapons it needs to be a mix of speed and dammage ratios , it might be possable to swing a basball bat faster than a sledgehammer for example but the hammer should pack a bigger thump , there should also be some sort of thrusting / stabbing action to use with knives , swords , spears , pitchforks ect , perhaps the boxing block action could be used as a thrust action for melee weapons

Well will you get a nice cut down the middle? No. Its going to get messy. If someone were to get dropped from above into the blades, there would be more than two pieces in the end so I wouldn’t call it cutting someone in half.

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