Can you use another player's ball in pool?

Patience Oberbrunner asked a question: Can you use another player's ball in pool?
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Yes, when your cue ball make contact with your own object ball, it can make contact with opponent object ball. For 8-ball and 9-ball pool, which require to call pocket, accidental potting of opponent will return the turn back to your opponent.


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❓ What happens when a pool ball hits another ball?

  • The collision is approximately elastic. In an elastic collision, kinetic energy is conserved. Also, momentum is conserved. So you have two equations (momentum before = momentum after; kintetic energy before = kinetic energy after), and two unknowns (final speed of first ball and final speed of the second ball).

❓ Can 3 players play 8 ball pool?

Tri-Ball is a new and unique billiard game designed and engineered to allow three competitors to participate and enjoy a game of billiards based on standard 8 Ball at the same time. Tri-Ball has three different colour/design billiard balls housed within a specially designed hexagon rack.

❓ Do professional pool players play ball in hand?

Pocketing the Cue Ball

Most players and rule books call this a scratch. Bar Rules: Your opponent can place the cue ball anywhere they would like behind the head string. APA and BCA Rules: Your opponent gets ball in hand UNLESS the cue ball was scratched on break.

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How to hit the ball ( 8 ball pool )?
  • How to Hit the Ball (8 Ball Pool) To shot the ball you will need to click on the left side of your mouse. As you hold down the left side, please move your mouse to the left to the left to calculate the amount of force you would like to hit the ball with.
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The simple and truthful answer is that snooker players have better mechanics than pool players. These mechanics have evolved over the decades, and are necessary as snooker tables are bigger and have smaller pockets. “Accuracy” is therefore the ultimate skill necessary in snooker.

How to hit the ball in 8 ball pool?

As you hold down the left side, please move your mouse to the left to calculate the amount of force you would like to hit the ball with. When you are ready to hit the ball, please let go of the left mouse button to proceed with hitting the ball.

What's the shape of the eight ball pool ball?
  • Apart from these there is also another ball which the players strike the cue stick to pocket the other numbered balls. This white ball is known as the cue ball. The shape of the rack for an eight-ball pool game is triangular.
Where to strikes a cue ball 8 ball pool?

3.10 CUE BALL IN HAND BEHIND THE HEAD STRING The incoming player may place the cue ball anywhere behind the head string. The shooting player may shoot at any object ball as long as the base of the object ball is on or below the head string. ... Edit This Favorite.

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How much pool ball weigh?

Billiard balls typically weight between five and one half to six ounces, or between 156 and 170 grams.

Is 8 ball pool safe?

Is 8 Ball Pool safe for my kids? 8 Ball Pool is a virtual billiards gaming app that is safe for kidswith parental supervision. Parents should be aware that this game encourages playing in tournaments of up to 8 players or against other users which leads to playing with random users.

What color is pool ball?
  • As usual, there are seven colors of the balls: yellow, blue, red, violet/purple, orange, green and dark-brown. The balls bearing numbers 1 through 7 are solid and 9 through 15 striped. The ball number 8 is black and the cue ball is white.
What is 8 ball pool?

It is the most popular game of pool. All 15 balls are racked w/ the 8 ball in the middle. After the rack is broken, the opposing players take stripes or solids after a ball is pocketed.Once all of a person's balls are pocketed the eight ball must be correctly pocketed to win the game. This game is also know as stripes and solids.

Where to hit pool ball?
  • Hit the cue ball on the side you’d like it to curve. If you want your cue ball to curve around a ball and to the right, hit the cue ball’s right side. To make the cue ball curve to the left, hit its left side. Whichever side of the cue ball that you strike is the direction it will curve.
Who invented 9 ball pool?

William D. Clayton is credited with the game's invention in the early 1980s. While not a common game, it was featured on television broadcaster ESPN's Sudden Death Seven-ball which aired in the early 2000s.