Can you use a birthing pool upstairs?

Lucienne Reilly asked a question: Can you use a birthing pool upstairs?
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Upstairs, the pool can be positioned in a corner (preferably alongside an outside wall) or above a lower weight-bearing wall or joist. We are not aware of any case of a house being damaged due to the weight of a birth pool. If you are in any doubt, please consult a builder or structural engineer."


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❓ Does a birthing pool help?

What are the benefits of using a birthing pool? Being in the water decreases the effect of gravity and can help women to move around more freely and change into a comfortable position. Water can help women relax by reducing adrenalin and promoting the release of the body's natural hormones to cope with labour pains.

❓ Why is birthing in a pool tramatic?

What are the risks of giving birth in a pool?

  • The blood and bodily fluids contribute towards an unhygienic environment in the pool. As much as privacy water birth offers, it poses serious risks if such an infection were to spread. During delivery, there's a lot of blood that pours out and when this blood spreads in the pool, it might become unpleasant.

❓ Do you need a birthing pool for home birth?

If you're considering giving birth at home, you may need to hire or buy your own birthing pool. It's worth checking if your community midwifery team has a pool you can hire or borrow. You may still need to purchase a new pool liner. You may want to think about how you are going to use the pool.

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