Can you take a skateboard as hand luggage on easyjet?

Bobby Littel asked a question: Can you take a skateboard as hand luggage on easyjet?
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EasyJet won't care if it's a skateboard or a case as long as it fits the weight and dimensions of the ticket you've paid for.


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❓ Can i take a skateboard as hand luggage?

Skateboards are allowed as checked baggage and standard baggage policies apply. Delta states that skateboards are allowed as carry on but it shouldn’t exceed 45 linear inches. In theory, this means you can’t bring in as carry on.

❓ Can i take my skateboard as hand luggage?

Skateboards will not make it through security checkpoints in the United Kingdom or France, although many European carriers accept skateboards in checked luggage. Check with your carrier if you want...

❓ Is skateboard a hand luggage?

No. In the US, skateboards are actually allowed in hand luggage. The TSA, which makes the hand luggage rules, states on its website that skateboards are fine, both in hand luggage and in checked luggage.

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You can take a small cabin bag on board (max. size 45 x 36 x 20 cm including any handles or wheels), which must fit under the seat in front of you. Click here to book now. Cabin bag allowances for children

You’ll need to add hold luggage to your booking for these items. Please ensure it’s packed safely and securely. We recommend you buy specialist travel insurance to cover your musical instrument before you travel. The size of musical instrument you can bring on board as cabin baggage depends on your cabin bag allowance.

easyJet hand luggage allowance and cabin bag size. easyJet updated its cabin bag policy on 10 February 2021. The number and size of pieces you can bring on board now depends on your seat type. Everyone can bring one small cabin bag on board (max 45 x 36 x 20cm, including handle or wheels). This can go under the seat in front of you.

You can also opt for Hands Free, which places your cabin bag into the hold. Simply drop your cabin bag off at the Easyjet Plus Bag Drop and you’ll get your bags first off the carousel. This costs £7 per passenger or £16 for a family bundle which can include up to 6 people. This bag can up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Hand baggage is free.

“Can a skateboard be put in the overhead compartment with the carry on bags on an EASYJET fl..” Check the size of the skateboard and see if it falls within Easyjet’s Hand luggage allowance. If it’s too long, you’ll need to pay for it to go in the hold. If it’s going in the hold, surely it’s best to wrap it or put it in a case.

You can take most sports equipment as well as your hold luggage when you fly with us. Sports equipment allowance. You can buy one piece of sport equipment per customer. There’s no limit to the number of small sports equipment allowed on a booking, as long as it doesn’t exceed one per person.

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The TSA, which makes the hand luggage rules, states on its website that skateboards are fine, both in hand luggage and in checked luggage. However, it seems that when it comes to skateboards in hand luggage, not all the US airlines follow these guidelines by the TSA and enforce stricter rules for skateboards. It is, therefore, always best to double-check with your US airline if you can really take it into the cabin or not.

How big can sports equipment be on easyjet?
  • You can pool the total weight allowances for your sports equipment and hold luggage, as long as no single item weighs more than 32kg. (For example: If you have a total weight allowance of 52kg you could bring hold luggage weighing 31kg and sports equipment weighing 21kg).
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Can you add sports equipment to an easyjet flight?
  • Adults, children and infants (with their own seats) can each add sports equipment to their booking. You can do this online or via our App while booking flights, or later in Manage Bookings or during online check-in. You can also do this at the airport up to an hour before your flight but it does cost a little more. (See our fees and charges .)
How much sports equipment can i buy on easyjet?
  • You can buy one piece of sport equipment per customer. You can buy a maximum of six items per booking online – even if there are more than six of you. If you need more please speak to our Customer Service team. You can pool the total weight allowances for your sports equipment and hold luggage, as long as no single item weighs more than 32kg.
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Of course, you can take your skateboard with you on your journey, either in your checked baggage, which you check in at check-in, or as sports baggage (also called bulky baggage or special baggage, depending on the term), if the skateboard cannot be accommodated in your checked baggage due to its dimensions (e.g. a longboard).

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Yes you can take your skateboard on a plane as hand luggage if it is within the airline carry on size limits. Some airlines may differ in their regulations, if your skateboard is within or under the size it may count as carry on.

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