Can you put 60mm wheels on a skateboard?

Lavinia Cartwright asked a question: Can you put 60mm wheels on a skateboard?
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The answer is yes. A normal skateboard has a wheel diameter of 48-60mm and longboard, 63-75mm. Durometer is a measure of hardness. A wheel with a lower durometer will grip better and with a high durometer, the tendency would be to slide.


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❓ What is 60mm skateboard wheels?

60mm - 78a - Skateboard Wheels Fast, soft and superior grip Best wheel in the world over rough terrain (pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc) Made in California All California Roll wheel purchases come in sets of 4 wheels total

❓ Which skateboard wheels?

Reliable Brands

  • Spitfire. The most popular skateboard wheel out there are Spitfires…
  • Bones. Up there with Spitfire when it comes to quality and durability, Bones produces the best wheels for every type of skateboarder.
  • Mini Logo. Great wheels when you’re on a budget…
  • Ricta. Another great brand on a budget…

❓ Are skateboard wheels expensive?

Skateboard wheels prices vary a lot. This is because of the quality of the polyurethane (plastic) and the research that went into it. The most expensive wheels are about $50, the cheapest which still have decent quality go for about $20 (mini logo).

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When deciding on which longboard wheels to put on your skateboard, keep in mind that they cannot be over 70mm. Ideally, the longboard wheels will be between 60 and 68mm but I recommend using the smaller end of that spectrum.

Skateboard Wheel Size for Cruising If you like to just cruise around comfortably you need wheels of at least 56mm and up to 60mm. If you go beyond 56mm you’ll need a set of riser pads to prevent the wheels from coming into contact with your deck when you make turns (wheel bite).

To perform tricks, you need specially designed small skateboard wheels. Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard The longboard wheels diameter is mainly between 63-75mm, while the regular skateboard wheels diameter is 48-60mm. The hardness of wheels also plays a significant role.

Diameter 50-60mm, Durometer 95-101a, Narrow Shape. Generally speaking, most skateboarders ride some form of street / park wheels. These wheels fall in the 50-60mm diameter range with a durometer of 95-101a. Hard wheels are the best skateboard wheels for park and street skating because they’re lighter, slide easier, roll faster on smooth surfaces.

Learn how to attach wheels to a skateboard with Bill Strubing from Skate Works in Santa Cruz, CaliforniaGet a free Interactive Digital Subscription to Skidma...

Using Indy 169's & your current wheels, you could get by with 1/4" riser, with the deep wheelwells on the Quad 10. So with a 60mm wheel, a 1/4" would be plenty. 1/8" should work just fine, too, if you want to get lower still. SDO

Can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? The answer is yes. But I’d advise you to exercise caution when performing this action. The larger the skateboard wheel, the faster the speed will be. The wheel of a skateboard itself is usually 48 to 60mm in diameter and 63 to 75mm in length.

The answer is yes. A normal skateboard has a wheel diameter of 48-60mm and longboard, 63-75mm. Durometer is a measure of hardness. A wheel with a lower durometer will grip better and with a high durometer, the tendency would be to slide. Skateboards have a harder wheel while longboards have softer wheels, the typical range being 75a-90a.

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What are skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels are one of the most important parts of a skateboard, and can have a major impact on the way a board skates. Even the slightest difference in the size or hardness of your wheels can completely change the way a board functions.

What hardness skateboard wheels?

Difference Between Soft & Hard Wheels

  • Soft Wheels. Wheels are considered soft between Durometer 77A and 87A. Softer wheels are great for cruising around and comfy rides.
  • Hard Wheels. You could say that hard wheels are in between Durometer 96A (arguably) and 104A (84B)…
  • Medium-hard Wheels. Bones offers wheels that perform under many circumstances…
What width skateboard wheels?

Wheel diameter will affect things like your speed and the tightness of your turns. Skateboard wheel diameter is normally measured in millimetres, and most wheels range from 50-75mm. So if you need small wheels, shop around the 50mm end of the scale. Similarly, if you’re looking for big wheels, shop around the 70mm end of the scale.

What kind of skateboard has wheels and wheels?

Skateboarding wheels use the A scale. So when choosing skate wheels, you’ll immediately know that an 95a wheel is harder than an 80a wheel.How the Durometer Scale Relates to Skate Wheels As we mentioned earlier

Where are the bones wheels skateboard wheels made?
  • BONES Wheels offer the best combination of product performance, durability, quality, and customer service available today. In other words, you might be able to find a lower price, but never a better value. All BONES Wheel unique formulas are solely developed and produced in our own manufacturing plant located in Santa Barbara, CA.
Why are skateboard wheels better than regular wheels?
  • Shark Wheel says its skateboard wheel design gives it better maneuverability over debris, water and other conditions that deteriorate the performance of conventional wheels.
8.25 skateboard what size wheels?

56-60mm. *All measurements are basic recommendations, but may change based on personal preference. Risers can be used to prevent wheel bite, we recommend using a 1/8″ riser when you have a 56mm to 60mm size wheel. You can use 7/8″ (flush fit) or 1″ (a little extra) hardware for most setups, we recommend using 1 1/8″ hardware when using 1/8″ risers.

Are 100a skateboard wheels hard?

Companies use a durometer scale to indicate the hardness of the skateboard wheels they make. The lower the number, the softer the wheel… For example, a skateboard wheel with a hardness of 78a would be considered very soft, while one labeled 100a would be hard.

Are 50mm skateboard wheels good?

Go with a wheel size between 50mm and 53mm max for street skateboarding. They won't last you as long as larger wheels but technical tricks require smaller wheels. Get wheels with a hardness of 97a or 99a. 97a are a bit more comfortable on asphalt but 99a is one of the more popular durometers among street skateboarders.

Are 51mm skateboard wheels good?

This is a great size for starting out, particularly for younger skaters. Wheels of this size are suitable for any type of street and transition skateboarding. They won't pick up too much speed when learning to ride down hills.

Are 54mm skateboard wheels good?

The Spitfires aren’t just great for street, you’ll also have a good time riding parks and bowls if you get the 54 mm wheels. I was surprised how fast they are when I skated them in my Local mini ramp, even at 52 mm you go fast and hardly have to pump. The only downside I experienced was that it’s hard to lock them in when grinding a coping.

Are 55mm skateboard wheels good?

A good "starter wheel" is usually 52-55mm, 99A -- well balanced for most terrains. Most wheels today say what they are designed for on the package, so make sure you read the box. [5] X Expert Source Jon Depoian

Are bigger skateboard wheels faster?

Wheels play a major part in going faster on a skateboard. Bigger wheels roll faster than smaller ones. Softer wheels are also grippier and absorb shocks from ground imperfections much better.

Are blank skateboard wheels good?

They were the perfect color for her board, and they made her riding more pleasant. Street riding isn't always the smoothest surface, so these made it a little less bumpy and less loud. Plus, get the Bones Red bearings, they also make the wheels roll better, and they are at a great price.

Are blind skateboard wheels good?

It comes with good components. With 92a, 52mm tall wheels, and tensor trucks. So if you have a younger rider who wants a wider board, this is a good option. In this blind skateboards review, I would say this is the best board. For just under $100, you get a high-quality board. Find out more about the Blind skateboard complete here on

Are bones skateboard wheels good?

Conclusion. Without any doubt, the Easy Streets or Street Tech Formula 99A wheels from Bones Wheels are high-quality wheels. The versatility and performance on different surfaces in particular, as well as the flat spot resistance from the Bones Easy Streets skateboard wheels, managed to win me over during the test.

Are chocolate skateboard wheels good?

Chocolate Skateboards / Erik Herrera. Watch The Clip Follow Erik. Vincent Alvarez. Kenny Anderson. Justin Eldridge. Jesus Fernandez. Stevie Perez. Chris Roberts. Raven Tershy.

Are element skateboard wheels good?
  • Wheels And Bearings Of The Element Skateboard The wheels measure 52mm which makes them safe for tricks and stable for street and park skating. If you are looking for speed then these wheels run small so they are not designed for high speed but they have an amazing level of balance and constancy.
Are enjoi skateboard wheels good?

For the price, they're very beautiful wheels, and they roll very smooth and quick. The main problem was though: there's a great lack of traction compared to all of the other wheels I have had. Then again, you could be used to the lack of traction.

Are enuff skateboard wheels good?

While younger skateboarders are well-aware that cheap decks and components can feel off and even discourage learners from pursuing the sport (lousy-rolling wheels, less-than-smooth trucks etc), they feel Enuf Skateboards offer good value for money and a good foundation for a beginner to get started on.

Are hard skateboard wheels better?

Generally speaking, harder wheels are faster, and softer wheels are slower with the added advantage of having more grip. Softer wheels are better suited to street skating; harder wheels are better for smooth surfaces, such as skate parks. Some companies even specially design their wheels for a specific use.