Can you own a paintball gun in uk?

Fernando Frami asked a question: Can you own a paintball gun in uk?
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Are Paintball Guns Legal in the UK? In short, yes. The paintball industry uses the air weapons section of the Firearms Act 1968 to regulate the sport… Tournament guns should be restricted to 300fps (roughly 9.9ft/lbs).


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  • Establish Boundaries for Paintball Games and Rules. Before any game begins, walk around the field and clearly indicate the boundaries to everyone who will play.
  • Mark the Dead Zone/Staging Area. Make sure everyone knows the location of the dead zone (or staging area) and knows to not shoot in or near it.
  • Know Your Paintball Game Objective. Make sure everyone knows what the goal of the game is. Are you playing a simple elimination game? ...
  • Create Fair and Balanced Teams. If some people are new to the sport and others are more experienced, divide them up between the teams.
  • Establish Rules for Hits. A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, nickel-sized mark anywhere on the player's body or equipment.
  • Victory in Paintball. When one team has completed the necessary objectives, all players still on the field should be notified.
  • Know the Safety Rules

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The PSP will die and the paintball world will move on, but I think that paintball will continue to decline as long as it remains so expensive...

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A Paintball Can Causes Bruises. It's hard not to notice when you've been hit by a paintball. It's very common for players to feel a slight sting, similar to a firm flick on the arm. The pain is minor and typically fades quickly. While most hits are insignificant, a paintball can cause bruises and welts.

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If a marker fires above these limits they will then come under the Firearms Act and require a licence or be classed as a prohibited weapon. The recent amendment included carbon dioxide as an approved propellant previously only compressed air was allowed. Paintball markers must also only fire approved paintballs.

Airsoft, paintball, air and BB guns are all legal up to certain power limits. If the gun looks realistic, except being an airgun, it will need to be high viz, unless you have a good reason to possess. Most British shooting is on the basis of using a bit of common sense. 376 views

You can get an entry level blowback paintball gun at an affordable price and then most paintball guns can be enhanced by adding gun upgrades. No matter how much paintballing experience you have we’re guaranteed to have the perfect gun for you, and with huge stock levels in our UK warehouse, if you order before 2pm you could have it tomorrow.

Would you be allowed to use a paintball gun against an intruder in UK? IANAL, but my understanding of the law is that this would not be a problem. Providing the gun is UK legal and you (or the gun’s owner within your household) is old enough to own it.

One of the most important steps to improving as a paintball player is buying your own paintball gun and your own paintball gear. Paintball guns are like snowflakes… each one is unique, special, with its own ‘personality’. One paintball gun might fire slightly to the left, another might have a more resistant trigger, a weightier feel, a special something that makes it different to all the other paintball markers out there.

There are many brands and styles of paintball gun available. When buying your first paintball marker you should stick to a recognised brand so you know you’re buying a quality piece of kit which is going to be covered by Warranty. For more information you should check out our blog on 'What's the best paintball gun for a beginner?' You can get an entry level blowback paintball gun at an affordable price and then most guns can be enhanced by adding paintball gun upgrades.

To own a gun in the UK, you must first get a license. Members of the British public may be allowed to own sporting rifles and shotguns, subject to these licensing laws and conditions. Additionally, use of firearms such as for clay pigeon shooting and sporting purposes is treated differently to ‘personal possession’ of firearms in the UK.

Realistic imitation firearms, which are imitation firearms that appear so realistic that you cannot easily tell that they are not real, can only be imported into the UK in certain circumstances ...

Although most paintball guns fall with the above criteria, some do fire above these limits and therefore require a licence under the Firearms Act or be considered ‘a prohibited weapon’. Is There a Paintballing Governing Body in the UK? The United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) is the governing body in the UK.

Firstly, it is an offence to possess any firearm in a public place without a lawful authority to do so, or reasonable excuse for doing so. In this, the burden of proof is on the defendant. this includes air weapons, whether or not they are loaded. Additionally, giving any air weapon or ammunition to someone under 17 years old is an offence.

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To “play pump” means to play paintball with a gun that includes a pump. This type of gun is much more simply designed than other mainstream markers used today. To use it, you must pull a handle back to load the paint into the firing chamber and cock the gun before every fire.

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I have played tournaments in rain. It was not fun. Of course, they were both extremely muddy events, and one was 33-35 degrees all day, so it was cold too. The other was about 45 degrees all day. Being wet, filthy, and cold for 12 hours while expending large amounts of energy and trying to win paintball matches is quite taxing upon the body and soul.

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Make a YouTube channel or blog dedicated to paintball, and support those who are doing the same. Buy local. It is up to us as players to help the game we love. I am not saying paintball is dying, no. But paintball is declining, and it is about time we did something about it. Here is an interesting opinion from Mike, owner of TechPB:

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Most paintball guns in 2020 are actually .68 caliber, meaning you’re much more likely to have a greater number of options when it comes to purchasing a new paintball gun. A higher caliber gun will also enable you to improve your performance and get off some more powerful shots than a lower caliber gun would allow. Consider the cost of paintballs. All you really need to play recreational paintball is recreational grade paintballs. They’re extremely cost-effective and usually do what they ...

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ReShade supports all of Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11, Direct3D 12, OpenGL and Vulkan. A computer with Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 or 10 and .NET Framework 4.5 or higher installed is required. ReShade features its very own shading language and transcompiler, called ReShade FX. The syntax is based on HLSL, adding useful features designed for ...

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Fields are finally thawed out ready to start playing outside again this weekend!

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Most paintball pistols will be semi-automatic. Semi-automatic mean with every pull of the trigger one paintball is fired out. There is no manual cocking done except for when you first chamber the gun. There are other firing modes available such as a three-round burst. It is not quite fully-automatic or semi-automatic.

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If passed as written, the bill would mean a ban on functioning BB, airsoft and paintball guns. “Because I sell airsoft (guns) and specialize in paintball parties, it would close me,” said Mr ...

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The JT Raptor would be a great choice for those just starting and is one of the most inexpensive ways to get into playing paintball. Maybe you want something that requires trigger pulling and no pumping. We have some great options including the newest gun from one of paintball's oldest and most-respected brands, Tippmann Cronus.

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Disruptive Paintball is a veteran-owned business that prides itself on offering a safe, fun outdoor sporting activity for individuals and families.

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The Gardner Brothers started DLX Technology back in 2010/2011. But this was not their first venture into the sport of paintball. They were the founders of the hugely successful company; Smart Parts Paintball which was started back in the early 90's.

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Dye - DSR - Black Cherry. DYE is proud to release the all-new Dye DSR. After extensive market research, listening to players, and DYE’s passion for innovation in the sport, the next advancement in paintball marker technology is here.

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