Can you own a paintball gun in ireland?

Geo Dach asked a question: Can you own a paintball gun in ireland?
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Crossbows, spearguns and all airguns with a muzzle velocity of over one joule (including paintball markers) are legally considered firearms and have to be licensed. You should apply for a firearms certificate in the normal way.


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❓ Are paintball guns legal in ireland?

  • Also, the majority of paintball markers are legally classified as Short Restricted Firearms in Ireland and as such cannot be legally licensed following the 2009 firearms act (and strictly speaking, significant jail sentences and fines could result from a prosecution).

❓ How old do you have to be to play paintball in ireland?

The minimum age to play paintball in Ireland is 14 years old. All players under 18 years old require a signed Parental Consent Form to participate.

❓ Paintball how to play paintball?

  • Establish Boundaries for Paintball Games and Rules. Before any game begins, walk around the field and clearly indicate the boundaries to everyone who will play.
  • Mark the Dead Zone/Staging Area. Make sure everyone knows the location of the dead zone (or staging area) and knows to not shoot in or near it.
  • Know Your Paintball Game Objective. Make sure everyone knows what the goal of the game is. Are you playing a simple elimination game? ...
  • Create Fair and Balanced Teams. If some people are new to the sport and others are more experienced, divide them up between the teams.
  • Establish Rules for Hits. A player is hit if a paintball leaves a solid, nickel-sized mark anywhere on the player's body or equipment.
  • Victory in Paintball. When one team has completed the necessary objectives, all players still on the field should be notified.
  • Know the Safety Rules

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A firearms training certificate does not allow you to own a firearm but it does allow you to possess a firearm and ammunition (though not a restricted firearm or restricted ammunition) while carrying and using it under the supervision of a specified person over 18 years of age who holds a firearm certificate for that gun. You must be over 14 years of age to apply for a training certificate.

legal pistol ownership in Ireland. The provision of a bill of miscellaneous addendums to the Criminal Justice Act of 2006 will likely contain restrictions with relation to airsoft as a sport.

Paintball guns do not require a license if they do not fire above 12ft/lbs for a rifle-style (the typical style of most paintball guns) or not above 6ft/lbs for pistol types. Although most paintball guns fall with the above criteria, some do fire above these limits and therefore require a licence under the Firearms Act or be considered ‘a prohibited weapon’.

Some of the licence holders with the largest gun holdings have paintball games among their licence conditions. This includes eight people who own between 150 and 175 firearms each.

Gun laws in Ireland. Ireland, according to, has some of the most restrictive firearm legislation in all of Europe. In Ireland, those wishing to purchase a firearm must be 16 years of ...

BZ Paintball Supplies is the UK's leading retailer of paintball equipment and gear. We have the UK's largest walk in paintball store as well as our online paintball shop. We stock a huge range of guns, paintballs, gear, hoppers and much more.

You can bring your own paintball equipment, but it is always at the discretion of the Centre Manager as to whether you can use it. You can bring your own combat gear, paintball goggles, body armour, gloves and other paintball accessories, however due to health and safety regulations you are not allowed to bring your own paintball gun or gas cylinder to the centre.

This has led to some legislative oversights of note; for example, crossbows are legally restricted firearms in Ireland because at the time of the drafting of these Orders, nobody remembered to add them to the list of unrestricted firearms (crossbows were added to the category of firearms in Irish law with the 1990 firearms act, other forms of bow are not legally firearms in Ireland). Also, the majority of paintball markers are legally classified as Short Restricted Firearms in Ireland and as ...

How do I book a day of paintball? To book, all you need to do is call us on 1800 246 200 and speak to one of our friendly operators to check availability and book your event, alternatively you can email us and we will call you straight back or you can ask us to call you at a particular time, or complete the online booking enquiry. Another option is to drop in to your nearest Delta Force Paintball centre and speak to the manager at the centre.

Yes. It is legal

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An average outdoor field will end the day at 4pm, as this gives everyone enough time to return rental equiment. However many games you get in is entirely up to your group. In the end, an average day of paintball takes about seven hours.

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Well, compressed CO2 is often in liquid form rather than gas. It only becomes gas once you release it from the tank or basically, when you pull the trigger of your paintball gun. Finally, there’s the Pure Nitrogen tank which is very rare.

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Major Differences Between Paintball and Airsoft Definition of Airsoft and Paintball. Airsoft: With airsoft, you will have a more realistic warfare experience. This is... Equipment Used. Airsoft: When playing airsoft, you will need to make sure you have a good airsoft gun as well as BBs to... Guns…

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  • Badlands has been carrying Tippmann paintball guns since 1988, when we opened as Canada's first paintball store. The inception of Planet Eclipse actually began as a small retail store called Paintball Planet in Manchester, England around 1994. Paintball planet sold equipment and upgrades for the existing paintball guns of the day.
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Title: Paintball Fields and Rental Equipment | Utah's Biggest and Best Description: SB Paintball specializes in paintball events for players that are just looking for a fun activity and don’t want to worry about dealing with equipment.

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  • Abandoning the pistols, they use the paintball guns found in Pelton's office for the remainder of the conflict. Troy took command of a covert team to lure some of the City College troopers into a trap in the library. Jeff led a squad of students on a suicide assault the Paintball gatling gun on the campus quad.
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  • Compared to the indoor fields, the outdoor fields are larger and there are more of them. This makes for longer games and more variety throughout the paintball or airsoft experience. Outdoors is a nice time to relax, enjoy nature, and do an activity with family and friends that is full of memory making action!
Why are paintball guns still called paintball markers?

Paintball guns are called ‘markers’ because they were initially used to mark trees (from a distance) that were to be cut down by the US Forestry Department. In this post, you will learn why some people refer to the equipment as a paintball gun, while others call it a paintball marker.

How long to walk across ireland?
  • The walk usually takes about five days. There are good accommodation options the whole way along the route. Maps are available here but you will also need Ordnance Survey maps 51, 52, 57 and 58.
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Gaelic Football, Soccer and Swimming are the most popular sports.

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Paintball War is an addictive first-person shooter in which one of two opposing teams wins! The game is based on a technical sport called Paintball. Starting the game in one of the modes, you must destroy the opposing team, winning them on points while being in equal conditions!

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to the original formulation which was used to mark trees and cattle. When a forester marks a tree, it is important that rain not wash off the mark. The first paintball contests resulted in a lot of stained and ruined clothing, to the chagrin of many parents. In the mid-1980s, the paintball manufacturers decided to make a water-soluble paintball.

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Paintballs, also simply called "paint", are spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye. Paintballs are made of materials found in food items, and are edible but taste disagreeable as they tend to dry up the mouth.

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Paintball paint is washable, but you may find yourself crawling through mud or grass, which can ruin light-colored clothing.

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In the same way, you can get hurt to your neck. To prevent the pain of paintball, you should always alert and conscious about all rules and precautions. Safety rules while paintballing. Does paintball hurt? Yes, paintball hurts. Paintball will become a dangerous and harmful game for you if you do not maintain the safety rules properly.

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Does Paintball Bruise Short answer, Yes paintball can cause bruises to happen. I still remember how upset my wife was when our thirteen-year-old son came back from a Paintball Match with a black and blue bruise on his back.