Can you camp on the coast to coast walk?

Finn Mills asked a question: Can you camp on the coast to coast walk?
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  • Can I Camp Along the Coast to Coast Walk? Yes, you can camp along the entire route. And lots of people do. I wouldn’t though. Though I love camping, pitching up a tent is hardly an exciting prospect when you’ve just walked 15 miles for the tenth day in a row. And you’re wet, cold and crying.


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❓ Can you walk from coast to coast?

The Coast to Coast could be walked all year round, however navigation and conditions can be difficult in poor conditions. As such, it is best walked in the period of May to October. There are a couple of different possible itineraries and I have listed three: 12 days, 14 days and 15 days.

❓ How long does coast to coast walk take?

  • Generally speaking, allow yourself about two weeks to complete the Coast to Coast Walk. Some walkers may want to move at a more relaxed pace and/or build some rest days into their itineraries.

❓ Where does the coast to coast walk end?

  • The walk finally ends in the seaside town of Robin Hood's Bay, which is just a few miles south of Whitby. the total distance walked from St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay is 192 miles.

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7) Can I wild camp on the Coast to Coast walk? It’s not legal in England, but the whole point of lugging a tent with you is so you can pitch anywhere, and of course, low accommodation costs. Just make sure if you choose to wild camp to leave the place as you found it and pitch away from prying eyes.

Toilet duties should be performed 30m (100ft) from water and the results buried using a trowel. At all time, help preserve the environment. And if you are in any doubt about what you're doing, find out more. In Scotland, the current access legislation (which came into effect in early 2005) is explicit about your right to wild camp on hill land.

Q. I am doing the coast to coast in June and was wondering what are the rules on camping in the national parks (and elsewhere)? i.e. can you only camp if your suffering an emergency or stuck up a mountain (or in a valley) in the dark?? We would only be camping ...

Stealth Camping Is Difficult Most people who hike the Coast to Coast (C2C) do so by means of walking directly from town to town and staying in hostels or B&Bs. There is even a Sherpa van company that will escort travelers’ luggage between towns. This enables walkers to travel lighter, but also forces them to stick to their itinerary.

Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk is by far the most popular long distance trail in Britain, and one of the world's great walks. From the Irish Sea at St. Bees Head, it winds its way across Northern England, 190 miles or so, to the North Sea shoreline at Robin Hood's ...

Dogs: No. Packed Lunches £5. Pick up service to any of the road crossings between Osmotherley/Ingleby Cross/Ingleby Arncliffe and Clay Bank. So you can stay 2 nights and walk the 12 mile Cleveland Stretch. Laundry: £5, Drying Facilities Happy to take to

Yes, you finish uphill through Palm Jungle but you don’t really need to leave camp until after lunch, so you’re well rested from the first day. We go into heaps more detail about the Coast Track here so you can do it confidently, whether you choose to walk it in one day or two.

If you're a fan of seaside camping then you can't go wrong with this gang of campsites and glamping destinations that all have a beach just a short walk away. From clifftop campsites and sandy campervan pitches, to glamping sites hidden among the dunes, this curated collection brings together only the very best seaside spots.

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