Can you bring skateboards into stores?

Odell Wehner asked a question: Can you bring skateboards into stores?
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Most malls allow skateboarders to carry their skateboards but do not allow them to ride on them. If the shopping center does not have security patrols, then give it a try. However, if they caught you, you may be thrown out of the mall… There is no harm to try skateboarding inside a mall.


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❓ Can you bring skateboards into school?

This is California State Law.

Bicycles/scooters must be walked on sidewalks around the school and inside the school grounds. We have a NO WHEELS rule inside the school grounds, meaning NO bikes, skateboards, or other wheels may be ridden on campus grounds during school hours. 5.

❓ Can you bring skateboards into movie theaters?

Okay here it goes: You can bring backpacks into movie theaters, and you can totally start grubbing during the middle of a movie. Now before you buy a ticket for the new "Tarzan" movie just to see if I'm fibbing, I've only tested this at the theater chain known as Cinemark. I really did try to find a list of bag policies for different theaters ...

❓ Do vans stores sell skateboards?

  • There was a wall of skateboards for sale from popular brands like Hockey, Krooked, and enjoi. It also sold wheels, trucks, bearings, and other skate accessories, despite the likelihood that many of Vans' customers don't know how to skateboard. Most of the styles at Vans were simple, like flannel shirts, logo tees, and hoodies.

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If the skateboard fits under the seat, it does not need to be in a bag or covered, but it does have to be stowed with the wheels up so that it doesn't roll. If stowed in an overhead bin, a skateboard must be stowed with the wheels up and needs to be in a bag or have the wheels covered (trash bag is acceptable).

At most, airlines allow you to bring two hand luggage items into the cabin. These are called the personal item and the carry-on. Skateboards, if they are under the size limits, count as one of your carry-on items. Here’s the bad news…. The most common carry-on luggage size limit in the United States is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

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Skate Shops: While opening a skate shop is more of an entrepreneurial pursuit, perhaps one of the most popular jobs in the skate industry is in skate retail. Skate shops need employees who know their products. Check out NYC’s Eugene Kang, whose Washington Heights apartment doubles as a skateshop. Video below. Pros Availability. No Schooling needed.

Converting your skateboard into a cruiser is probably the cheapest option. If you don’t own one try to get a used skateboard, often you can get a pretty good used board on Craigslist. For those who do own a skateboard, all you have to do is get some smooth wheels, riser pads, and maybe new bearings (depending on the condition of your current ones).

09-26-2008, 07:45 AM. Nobody ever says anything when I bring my board into stores, I think most store owners and employees probably realize that if you left something like a skateboard outside that it would get stolen pretty quickly, although you might run into the occasional d-bag who says that you can't. RayAZ.

First, you’ll need a storefront. Location is critical to the survival of your business. Pick an area that’s easy to get to, has foot traffic, and is close to your local skate park. Depending upon size and location, rent can run anywhere from $1000/month to several thousand.

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  • Many airlines allow skateboards on a plane as long as you follow the rules . You can bring your skateboard on a plane as long as you bring it as a carry on or checked baggage. For carry on, the length may not exceed 62 inches and should weigh less than 50 pounds.
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  • University policy currently states that the use of skateboards on campus is not allowed, and has strict stipulations on other types of wheeled personal vehicles not including bikes and cars. The University policy is in full here:
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