Can sadie sink actually skateboard?

Gerry Fahey asked a question: Can sadie sink actually skateboard?
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For one thing, the real-life Sink is neither a skateboarder nor an arcade dweller. (It's hard to blame her; do arcades even exist anymore?) Skateboarding lessons were a particularly rough part of getting into character: “It was my first time ever being on a skateboard, so I was already really, really scared . . .


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For one thing, the real-life Sink is neither a skateboarder nor an arcade dweller. (It's hard to blame her; do arcades even exist anymore?) Skateboarding lessons were a particularly rough part of getting into character: “It was my first time ever being on a skateboard, so I was already really, really scared . . .

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Thank God for Holden, Stiller was a natural. The 48-year-old Stiller relied on his experience skateboarding around New York City when he was a kid back in the 70’s. After just a couple of lessons with Holden, Stiller was able to reach speeds of 35+ miles per hour.

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Does Jack Black play video games? Black's down-to-earth personality has made him somewhat of an internet icon, and with the help of his two sons, he launched a gaming YouTube channel in 2018. Despite not playing very many video games on the internet, Black considers himself a hardcore gamer.

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Now, Sadie can reflect on how far “Mad Max” has come from her season-two days of skateboarding around Hawkins, Indiana, with the gang.

1. Who is Sadie Sink? Get to know the Stranger Things star here. You might know Sadie Sink as the redheaded tomboy Max Mayfield in Stranger Things, but what else do you know about the rising star? From her starring roles on Broadway and work in films alongside some big name actors to the reason why she became a vegan, here's everything you need to know about the 19-year-old actor.

Video: Sadie Sink, Gillian Jacobs pumped at 'Fear Street' premiere (Associated Press) 'She's just such a hard worker and I really admire that in her, and she's just such a positive energy, I'm ...

While she does a great job in this role, Sadie Sink had never stepped on a skateboard before being cast. Sadie recently sat down with Vanity Fair, and gave some insight into what it took to learn to shred. She also reveals that Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, also skates. As one might expect, Sink and her cool-girl character aren’t totally alike. For one thing, the real-life Sink is neither a skateboarder nor an arcade dweller.

Sink also doesn’t play video games (except Pac-Man), and didn’t even know how to skateboard until she found out she got the part around this time last year.

Sadie Sink, 15, plays the California ... I had the stunt coordinator help me and they had a really cool girl who was really chill and she was a skateboarder and she came in and gave me tips and pointers. It was good. TAYLOR: ... “I can’t even look at this skateboard!” SINK: It’s a little bit of both.

Updated July 3, 2019. Sadie Sink plays the cool skateboarder Maxine Mayfield — referred to as simply “Max” — in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.”. She also follows a vegan lifestyle and is passionate about animal rights. In an exclusive interview with Just Jared in 2017, Sink revealed 10 fun facts about herself for fans.

Lover of animals, photography, cooking, life fitness and fashion; this new it girl it has it all! Some of the curious facts that you should know about Sadie Sink: 1. For his role as Max had to learn to ride a skateboard. 3 hours a day of practice and the support of his fellow Finn Wolfhard (Mike) served as support to achieve this.

She's a girl, yes — a rarity for this show — but she's also a skateboarding, high-score-dominating arcade queen who doesn't let the guys push her around.

"I'll skateboard now and then from time to time." - Sadie Sink quotes from

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