Can a defendant walk free from a dropped charge?

Gussie Welch asked a question: Can a defendant walk free from a dropped charge?
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  • In both a dropped charge case and a case that was dismissed, the defendant is permitted to walk free from the case. However, a prosecutor can drop a charge at any point in the prosecution, including before charges are actually filed against the defendant.


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Here are five other possible reasons why your attorney might be able to get your charges dropped or dismissed: Insufficient evidence. A prosecutor may drop a criminal charge if it is determined that the evidence against the accused isn't strong enough. Or, perhaps new evidence is found which undercuts the prosecution's case against the defendant.

By contrast, having charges against a person dismissed is something that can be done by either the prosecutor or a judge, but it can only be done after the case has already been filed. A dismissal is usually based upon insufficient evidence for the case to continue. There are a number of reasons for charges to be dropped in a criminal case.

If the charges are not dropped, the defendant can negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. This can lead to fewer or less serious charges, or a less severe punishment… For tips from our Legal reviewer on finding a low-cost or free lawyer to help walk you the process of dropping charges, read on.

If the charges have not been dropped, then at your arraignment, where you are asked to enter an initial plea of guilty or not guilty, your attorney is likely to advise you to plead not guilty while we work to try to get the prosecutor to dismiss the charges. The plea can easily be changed to guilty later if you wish to take some sort of deal.

Prosecutors will rarely drop charges under those circumstances, and might instead charge the defendant with intimidating the victim. On the other hand, if the alleged victim makes a persuasive argument that a prosecution will harm the relationship more than help it, the prosecutor might decide to drop the charges.

If you are willing to work with prosecutors to help them on other crimes or otherwise be of assistance, prosecutors may be willing to work out a deal where they drop the criminal charges in return. If you've been charged with a crime, it's a good idea to contact a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney can evaluate these options for prosecutors to drop criminal charges and could help you reach a favorable deal.

If the police arrest someone on an assault or domestic abuse charge, but the person assaulted does not wish to actually file charges, then the charges are dropped. And finally, if someone is charged, goes to trial and suddenly clear-cut evidence arrives during the investigation, exonerating the defendant—such as a DNA analysis the conclusively proves no wrongdoing—the charges may be dropped before even going to trial since there is now no point.

Only the prosecuting attorney could recall the warrant. Generally, if the warrant is issued, you will be arrested. You will then have the opportunity to defend against the charges and depending on the defense could have the charges dismissed.

Can a Victim Drop Criminal Charges? If you’re thinking about how to get charges dropped before a court date, you might be curious if a victim can make this decision. Depending on the crime, it’s not entirely up to the victim to drop the charges. However, victims can ask the district attorney to drop the charges, and he or she can take the victim’s opinion into consideration. Can a district attorney drop charges? Yes, he or she has the power to make this decision, but you can’t count ...

The defendant is allowed counsel at this hearing, but the judge does not have to follow strict rules of evidence. Bargaining Over a Revocation. When a defendant arrested on new charges is found to be in violation of an earlier probation order, the defense may negotiate a new plea bargain to cover both cases in one package deal. This is especially common in busy courts where calendars are backlogged.

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