Can a chicken walk up a chicken coop ladder?

Bernardo Rau asked a question: Can a chicken walk up a chicken coop ladder?
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  • Chicken coop ladders can come in handy as they can be steeper than chicken coop ramps. If you place the rungs on your ladder 6 or more inches apart, chickens can hop from rung to rung. If you place your rungs closer together, chickens can actually walk up the ladder, as in the photo below. Using stairs for your chicken coop


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❓ Is it unsafe to walk under a ladder?

Don't walk under a ladder

Passing between the legs of a ladder or near it poses a risk for both parties — the person perched on top who could be knocked off their perch and the passerby who could have something dropped on them.

❓ Chicken suddenly can t walk?

  • Curly toe paralysis presents as inward curling of the toes on the chicken's feet, which impairs their ability to walk. Affected birds may be seen walking or resting on their hocks. The condition occurs when the sciatic nerves are damaged.

❓ Why is it unlucky to walk under a ladder?

“Walking under a ladder is believed to cause bad luck. No one really knows why, but at least three theories have been proposed. The most likely theory is that a ladder forms a triangle when placed against a wall. The triangle symbolises the Holy Trinity. Consequently, when you walk through it, you effectively insult the Trinity and attract the devil.

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Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder. Turn your Eglu Go into an Eglu Go UP. This frame and ladder will raise your existing Eglu Go Chicken House off the ground, allowing your hens to roost up high, and making it easier for you to collect the eggs. Suitable for use with the Eglu Go House only. Cannot be used with existing Eglu Go 2m Run.

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Another type of perch is the ‘ladder.’ You can literally use an old wooden ladder or make your own. If you are using an old ladder, make sure the rungs are smooth. If there are any rough areas, smooth them off with some sandpaper until they feel smooth. Why? A splinter can cause ‘Bumblefoot,’ which takes time to treat and heal.

Rear Door, Door on run part Heavy duty mineral felt roof. Its the Perfect Chicken coop for someone who wants a bit more space, with good height, around 5 1/2ft in the middle most people can either stand up or nearly stand upright inside. This unit is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly.

If you place your rungs closer together, chickens can actually walk up the ladder, as in the photo below. Using stairs for your chicken coop Stairs are perhaps the best solution if you are worried that your ramp is too steep.

This is good info. I'll make the ramp a little longer so it's less than 45 degrees. My coop will be probably 3 feet off the ground and the chickens will have clipped wings (due to the low fence around the free range area), so they'll almost have to use it. So I'll make it easier than I was planning.

If your chicken coop ramp slope is steeper than 45 degrees, you can always add a platform to lift the bottom of the ramp. This levels out the chicken coop ramp slope angle slightly, and chickens generally don’t have any problem hopping up onto a platform.

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  • My chicken can't walk or stand. She moves (seldom) by flapping wings. She passed liver-like | BackYard Chickens - Learn How to Raise Chickens
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Sometimes a chicken wont stand because of a disease called Marek's, even though it seems quite alert… A chicken with Marek's may use its wings to try to move forward. It may heal and survive, but will be a carrier of the disease for the rest of its life. Even without symptoms it may infect other chickens.

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When we first got her in the mail as a day old chick, she could only walk a few steps, then she'd sit down. I figured I'd have to cull her, but she's getting more mobile every day. The problem is she isn't walking correctly, she's just adapted, and she won't survive "in the real world" when it's...

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  • Very odd, I called and called, and nothing. When I looked inside, she was on the top roost (about 5 feet up), and wouldn't move. Took her outside, and she couldn't walk or stand. Immediately put tetracycline in the water, and the next day started using Sulmet (sulfamethazine sodium) instead, as recommended by my local farm store.
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Healthy chickens also get sick by breathing in contaminated air. This virus can survive in the environment and can be transmitted by people, machines or equipment. Chickens often have turned heads when suffering from NCD. They also walk in circles or may have difficulty in walking.

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