Blocks that mobs think they can walk on?

Alva Hackett asked a question: Blocks that mobs think they can walk on?
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  • Mobs in general will not walk over short blocks (ones that are shorter than a full blocks, like slabs). This is a pretty easy thing to spot in survival, as lower slabs are used everywhere, so you will typically see mobs stuck on them, not walking over them, or jumping in circles on them.


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❓ What blocks can mobs not walk on?

Vanilla fences with a carpet on top of them. Since both are transparent, mobs wont walk on them plus you can make them any color

❓ What kind of blocks will mobs walk off of?

  • In version 1.10.x, what blocks will mobs voluntarily walk off of, thinking that they are solid blocks? There are few blocks that they (I tested with Zombies lead to Villagers and a 2-block wide pit) will think that are full and aren't.

❓ Why are mobs not walking over path blocks?

  • This does not apply to all blocks that do not have a full hitbox, just a few. This should also affect farmland and path blocks, but those have incorrect (full sized) hitboxes, so are fine in this case. Keep in mind, mobs not walking over these blocks, is only an issue if the block has nothing below it. How to reproduce. 1.

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1 Answer1. There are few blocks that they (I tested with Zombies lead to Villagers and a 2-block wide pit) will think that are full and aren't. Their AI also makes them not go where they think there isn't a route - that is, even if they could fall off some other types of blocks, their AI won't drive them that way.

What blocks will trick mobs to walk on them? Help. Close. 5. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. What blocks will trick mobs to walk on them? Help. Fence gates don't seem to work anymore. 15 comments. share. save. hide. report ...

Can mobs jump on carpet? TIL mobs can’t jump over carpet. Do mobs still walk on trapdoors? Trapdoors can be used in automatic Mob farms and Mob traps. This is because Mobs consider open Trapdoors as a solid Block, and they will walk through them, causing them to fall in pits beneath the Trapdoor. Do mobs walk over buttons?

What blocks can you ‘trick’ mobs to walk off of in bedrock edition? Help. Building a mob drop and was wondering if they could walk off of anything into my water stream. 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best.

Some block types are considered dangerous by the mob AI, it's was supposed to be a nerf to mobtraps where you used signs to fool mobs into thinking they can stand there and walk into a pit. It's mostly a matter of setting the right flags for your block.

Choose which mobs/players can walk through barrier blocks. Make a entity specific barrier, for example you could choose to not let chickens go through but you and any other mob can. Also you can choose to make it so only you can go through and not any other mob or player. More detail for those who want it: It will be like a barrier crossed with ...

Use open trapdoors. They will treatg it as a solid block. If you are playing in 1.7 beta, i suggest buying the game. If you play nostalgic, use signs.

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