Are there different truck sizes for skateboards?

Jaida Rath asked a question: Are there different truck sizes for skateboards?
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When Buying a new set of skateboard trucks you first need to know the deck width you will be using them with. For the perfect truck size, you are aiming to match the overall truck width to the deck width, for example, a 7.75" deck matches a 5.0" truck, an 8.0" deck matches a 5.25" truck.


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❓ Do skateboards come in different sizes?

Skate decks come in a variety of sizes from 6” wide to over 10” wide… Any skateboard between 7.75″ and 8.25″ is a great all-around option for a wide variety of skating styles. Just remember, it's all personal preference, there's no right answer!

❓ What are the different sizes of skateboards?

If your shoe size is between 0 to 3 then the micro-sized deck will be perfect for you. Mini ...

❓ Are there different skateboard sizes?

Different sizes of wheels lend themselves to different styles of skateboarding. The most common range for street and park skating is between 50mm and 60mm, while wheels larger than 60mm are usually used on longboards or cruisers.

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Truck size should be chosen according to the deck width. Many of us are not aware of the proper truck size chart. Worry not, I have also created a proper independent skateboard truck size chart. The truck size is chosen considering the axle width and hanger width.

An 8mm core, 7mm width, and 22mm outer diameter are universalized as the standard size skateboard bearing size and these measurements are meant to fit any wheel you choose. What you should consider instead is the ABEC ratings of bearings, which determines the physical limits and tolerances of ball bearings and how fast they would spin.

It has wide G3 trucks, similar to what you can find on a longboard. The only difference is that it has an additional wheelset installed directly behind the trucks. Such wheelset works in completely changing your ride. Expect freebords to be available in different sizes and shapes while also being offered with Canadian maple or bamboo decks.

There are three main types of skateboards that are all very fun and functional for different types of riding. Watch the video and read below to decide whether a standard skateboard, skateboard cruiser or a longboard is the right fit for you.

Truck Width. In order to choose the best skateboard trucks for your complete skateboard, you'll need to figure out what size truck will fit your deck. The width of your trucks corresponds directly to the width of your deck. Too narrow a truck will be unstable; while too wide a truck can result in shoe to wheel contact while pushing, among other problems.

55. 9.75 & above. 254mm. 183mm. 215. 6. Having a skateboard truck size chart is the most ...

Medium (Mid) Height Trucks. Medium height skateboard trucks are great for all-around ...

First, the width of your trucks’ axle should match your deck and vice versa. The right width is the most important of all but there’s more to it. Second, consider what and where you want to skateboard, the hardness of the trucks’ bushings, type of baseplate, even pivot cups and washers can make a difference.

Hardware is necessary to attach the truck assembly to the actual skateboard deck and comes in sets of 8 bolts and 8 nuts. The most common sizes of hardware are 7/8” (for use with no risers) and 1” (for 1/8” risers). These sizes of hardware should be sufficient to assemble most skateboard set-ups.

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Are skateboard bearings different sizes?

Regardless of wheel size, all skateboard bearings are the same size and will fit any skateboard wheel that Warehouse Skateboards sells. The universal measurements for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width). Skateboard bearings are sold in sets of eight, as each wheel requires two bearings.

What are the different types of skateboards there are?

Overview of Different Types of Skateboards Skateboards are broadly placed into one of two categories: longboard and shortboard. Within each category are multiple sub-styles, based on length, width, wheel style, and application (s).

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How do skateboard truck sizes work?
  • Choosing the right skateboard trucks size Truck size is measured by axle width or hanger width. The width of the hanger and axle determines how far apart your wheels are. The width of your trucks will affect the performance of your board, since different truck widths are better suited for certain riding styles.
What do skateboard truck sizes mean?

Picking the right size skateboard truck is pretty easy. Just make sure they fit your deck or ...

What makes cruiser skateboards different from other skateboards?
  • Cruiser skateboards differ from normal skateboards in length, width and shape. What makes them special are the soft wheels and the relaxed cruising experience. They are perfect for getting from A to B in the city.
What makes ridge skateboards different from penny skateboards?

You will be able to perform different tricks with the skateboards, as the deck comes with grip tape. Skateboard offers far better control than the penny boards. The boards are highly durable. Disadvantages of the skateboards. Skateboards are a little heavy than the penny boards which makes carrying a little harsh.

Do skateboard bearings come in different sizes?

Regardless of wheel size, all skateboard bearings are the same size and will fit any skateboard wheel that Warehouse Skateboards sells. The universal measurements for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width). Skateboard bearings are sold in sets of eight, as each wheel requires two bearings.

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Electric skateboards now come in just about every shape, size, and configuration, but the folks at Meepo are determined to make theirs one of the strongest, thanks to four 540-watt hub motors… With that many motors, this board boasts some of the most torque, power, and speed of any electric board we've ever ridden.

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