Are there any good darkstar skateboard wheels that work?

Sarina Reinger asked a question: Are there any good darkstar skateboard wheels that work?
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  • Tensor trucks are quite good and are considered premium trucks. It is surprising that a complete this cheap has them. The Darkstar wheels are ok and should work decently. Altogether, this complete is great value for money. The Tensor trucks will last and work well for a long time.


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❓ Is darkstar good skateboard?

The majority of skateboarders agree Darkstar is a pretty good brand which offers good quality decks and completes for amateur and intermediate-level skaters, from beginner to 1-2 years experience… Skaters commonly skate Darkstar decks for 1 to 4 years without seeing more than a bit of chipping or a few scuffs.

❓ Is darkstar a good skateboard brand?

The majority of skateboarders agree Darkstar is a pretty good brand which offers good quality decks and completes for amateur and intermediate-level skaters, from beginner to 1-2 years experience… Skaters commonly skate Darkstar decks for 1 to 4 years without seeing more than a bit of chipping or a few scuffs.

❓ Are there any skateboard wheels that are good at everything?

  • There isn’t a wheel that is good at everything. It really depends on where you skate. Street skaters need different wheels than cruisers. A Vert skater really shouldn’t ride soft wheels etc. There is some middle ground here.

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If it's a real Darkstar (and not at walmart like someone else mentioned, I don't believe they would sell these at walmart if they were real) they are pretty good boards, I used to skate one back when I first started. Just make sure that the trucks and wheels / bearings are good, you don't want to spend X amount of dollars to be ripped off...

Not only that, for maximum convenience, but the Darkstar skateboards also come pre-assembled boards are ready to use, so you can get going as soon as your deck arrives at your doorstep, while the inclusion of trucks, bearings, and wheels means that you don’t have to buy any separate parts.

Darkstar is actually a pretty good brand. Around 6 years ago when I first started skating, I bought a Darkstar deck, trucks, wheels, berrings the whole set.

There is no doubt that Darkstar is budget-friendly compared to most skateboard brands. With at least $40 in your pocket, you can own a decent deck for your skating pleasures. Heavy-duty boards. Their decks are not only sturdy because they are made of 7 layers of Birch and North American Maple wood.

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Im not gonna list every good brand that would take all day, these are just a few: deck: almost, enjoi, darkstar, powell peralta, mini logo, baker, girl, chocolate, primative, atm, alien workshop, polar. (50–100$) trucks: independent, venture, ace, tensor, silver, krux (75$ for a pair) wheels: bones, ricta or spitfire.

Also, if you prefer a classic style, then these are the best skateboard wheels. Moreover, they offer good quality in a few different colors with any amazing design that is surely appealing. Plus, the Spitfire Classic Series Skateboard Wheels are 60mm. Also, they work well for the longboards, dirt boards, school boards, and downhill boards.

Most range between 75a to 104a. Any wheel in the 78a to 90a range is considered a soft wheel, 90a to 98a is in the middle, 99a+ is referred to as a hard wheel. We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding.

The trucks are T5 aluminum Darkstar trucks and the wheels are soft 82a durometer wheels. These wheels are much softer than the average skateboard wheel. They will roll smoother and feel more comfortable on different surfaces than the standard skate wheels does.

Darkstar is famous for quite many accessories including a deck and wheels for the skateboard. Darkstar skateboard wheels scored about 1.0% in the polls done by Skates Radar team. Darkstar has been quite famous since the very beginning for producing quality products with very attractive graphics.

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Are 54mm skateboard wheels good?

The Spitfires aren’t just great for street, you’ll also have a good time riding parks and bowls if you get the 54 mm wheels. I was surprised how fast they are when I skated them in my Local mini ramp, even at 52 mm you go fast and hardly have to pump. The only downside I experienced was that it’s hard to lock them in when grinding a coping.

Are 55mm skateboard wheels good?

A good "starter wheel" is usually 52-55mm, 99A -- well balanced for most terrains. Most wheels today say what they are designed for on the package, so make sure you read the box. [5] X Expert Source Jon Depoian

Are blank skateboard wheels good?

They were the perfect color for her board, and they made her riding more pleasant. Street riding isn't always the smoothest surface, so these made it a little less bumpy and less loud. Plus, get the Bones Red bearings, they also make the wheels roll better, and they are at a great price.

Are blind skateboard wheels good?

It comes with good components. With 92a, 52mm tall wheels, and tensor trucks. So if you have a younger rider who wants a wider board, this is a good option. In this blind skateboards review, I would say this is the best board. For just under $100, you get a high-quality board. Find out more about the Blind skateboard complete here on

Are bones skateboard wheels good?

Conclusion. Without any doubt, the Easy Streets or Street Tech Formula 99A wheels from Bones Wheels are high-quality wheels. The versatility and performance on different surfaces in particular, as well as the flat spot resistance from the Bones Easy Streets skateboard wheels, managed to win me over during the test.

Are chocolate skateboard wheels good?

Chocolate Skateboards / Erik Herrera. Watch The Clip Follow Erik. Vincent Alvarez. Kenny Anderson. Justin Eldridge. Jesus Fernandez. Stevie Perez. Chris Roberts. Raven Tershy.

Are element skateboard wheels good?
  • Wheels And Bearings Of The Element Skateboard The wheels measure 52mm which makes them safe for tricks and stable for street and park skating. If you are looking for speed then these wheels run small so they are not designed for high speed but they have an amazing level of balance and constancy.
Are enjoi skateboard wheels good?

For the price, they're very beautiful wheels, and they roll very smooth and quick. The main problem was though: there's a great lack of traction compared to all of the other wheels I have had. Then again, you could be used to the lack of traction.

Are enuff skateboard wheels good?

While younger skateboarders are well-aware that cheap decks and components can feel off and even discourage learners from pursuing the sport (lousy-rolling wheels, less-than-smooth trucks etc), they feel Enuf Skateboards offer good value for money and a good foundation for a beginner to get started on.

Are palace skateboard wheels good?

Yeah they are pretty good. Mine lasted probably 8 months and I skated every other weekend I guess. I really liked the one board I bought from them and it was back in 2014, it was the Italy deck. I loved the shape, it was nice and concave and real good for street skating imo.

Are plastic skateboard wheels good?

Skateboard wheels should be made of urethane, not plastic or rubber. Plastic wheels won't grip the ground, and you will slide out of control. Rubber wheels will rip apart. The wheels are the part of your skateboard that touches the world, so you want to make sure that at least these are good quality.

Are pvc skateboard wheels good?

These hard wheels are the best skateboard wheels for park and street skating because they are lightweight, roll fast on smooth surfaces, and slide easily. This makes it easier to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other technical tricks.

Are rocket skateboard wheels good?

It's a good quality board with good concave and I rate the trucks however the bearings are really bad and this means that the wheels barely spin. However new wheels and bearings aren't excessively expensive and even for just a deck, griptape and trucks it is good value.

Are soft skateboard wheels good?

78a-87a wheels are soft wheels, good for rough surfaces, longboards, or street boards. They have lots of grip to easily roll over bumps and cracks. Designed for smooth rides, cruising, hills, and rough surfaces. 88a-95a wheels are slightly harder and faster wheels, with slightly less grip.

Are spitfire skateboard wheels good?
  • You've likely asked: Are Spitfire skateboard wheels good for street skating? Yes , they are. That's why their popularity continues to soar among the skateboarding community. Spitfire skateboard wheels are available in 7 different shapes. The shapes are conicals, conical fulls, classics, radials, radial slims, tablets, and lock-ins.
Are urethane skateboard wheels good?

The first is that it has really good abrasion resistance, which means that the wheel will last a while. The second one, even more important, is that urethane gives a really good grip with the ground. It will slide if you push it hard, but it gives great traction. So that means you can control your board.

Are zero skateboard wheels good?

This set of 4-wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane material which ensures a good grip, excellent shock absorption and increases the lifespan of the wheels. Overall, these items are promising and would give you a good riding experience.

What are good skateboard wheels?
  • Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full.
  • Bones Kowalski Salmon Spawn SPF.
  • Spitfire Formula Four 99d Classics.
  • Bones Patterns STF Sidecuts.
  • Bones 100s #3 OG Formula.
Which skateboard wheels are good?

10 Best Skateboard Wheels on the 2018 Market (Tested and Reviews) 1. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels. One of the skateboard wheels that the individuals who love the game should look at is the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. Being on the 78a scale, it is a wheel that moves rapidly yet easily.

How big is a darkstar bulldog skateboard?
  • The Darkstar Bulldog black is also 7.75″ x 31.2″ with a shorter 13.88″ wheelbase, best-suited for smaller riders. The artwork is stunning with an awesome-looking bulldog laying across the wheelbase, with his rear paws spanning almost all the way across the nose and one of his front paws going under the front truck.
Are santa cruz skateboard wheels good?

Much like other skateboard and longboard companies, Santa Cruz uses in-house parts to make up its completes. The difference is that the trucks and wheels bolted onto Santa Cruz longboard decks come from legit companies that are also under the NHS umbrella. The Bullet name is as old as Santa Cruz, as is Road Rider.

How good are css wheels skateboard?

My old deck was built from parts - an Alien Workshop deck, Spitfire wheels, World Industries bearings, Independent trucks. Costed me around $150, but it was one damn good deck. Old, damaged, but still working perfectly fine. Dunno if the pic is the deck you want, but it looks like a cheap PoS - especially the wheels.

How much are good skateboard wheels?

9 Best Beginner Skateboard Wheels 1. Ricta Clouds 54mm/92A. Even though Ricta Clouds are filmer wheels, they are an excellent choice for beginners. At 92A... 2. Spitfire Full Conicals 54mm/99D. Let’s move on to some quality stuff, which also means they aren’t cheap. I love the... 3. OJ Super Juice ...