Are dual sport snowmobile helmets as warm as full face?

Werner Wolf asked a question: Are dual sport snowmobile helmets as warm as full face?
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What is the best snowmobile helmet for winter riding?

  • Snow Master TX-45 Flat Black Dual Sport Snowmobile Helmet The 509 Delta has three configuration options. These are the dual sport, full face as well as the open face. The dual pane has anti- scratch features and is anti-fog since it is coated into the electric clear shield.


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The best dual sport motorcycle helmets have the dual purpose helmet. It can easily be used in dirt biking and as well in the city. The design makes it effective against high-speed riding. The helmet has a protective shield that secures the rider against the harsh UV rays. It has a fog-resistance and collision resistance design.

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10 best modular snowmobile helmets 2019

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If you’re used to wearing a more traditional full face helmet you might find that wearing a dual sport helmet on the highway can be a bit of a different experience. The peak, or visor, attached to the top of the helmet will influence aerodynamics to an extent. Expect to get slightly more buffeting than a standard helmet at legal highway speeds.

The difference is that you'll have the option of using a breath box and of course goggles. The breath box helps to keep your nose and face warm and direct your breath outside the helmet. 4. Dual sport snowmobile helmets - These helmets combine elements of a full face snowmobile helmet with those of a snocross helmet.

Full-face helmets sometimes come with a visor, while some can be used with your snowmobile goggles. They typically have ample ventilation and an interior liner that will help keep you warm during the winter. Modular Snowmobile Helmet. Modular helmets are another popular choice due to their convenience and comfort.

Many good snowmobile helmets have dual panel visors that prevent frost and fog from building up. They also provide insulation as well as vents that can be closed to create more warmth. To ensure that you have bought a snowmobile with minimum met requirements, check for a DOT or Snell sticker approval.

Dual sport helmets work great for snowmobile riders. You can achieve the motocross helmet look while still maintaining the warmth that comes with a shield instead of goggles. Warmth is always a priority when you’re riding in freezing temperatures, and the dual sport style are a great way to stay nice and cozy on your next ride.

A: Modular, or ¾ face helmets, are the ones that are full face with the standard visor but they can also be hinged up at the jaw to expose the full face. They’re like all the helmets in one nice package!

A full face snowmobile helmet is exactly what it sounds like. It covers the whole head with a shield over the eyes. It’s the helmet style of choice for the most extreme weather conditions and also offers the most overall protection. Pros. Keeps riders warmer; Offers greater protection from wind and other elements; Cons

Full Face. For the most protection in a crash and from the cold, a full face snowmobile helmet is the best option. Because the helmet covers the entirety of your head and has very few moving parts, it has low amounts of wind noise and buffeting.

Full Face Dirt Dual Sport Half . Dirt Bike Helmet (14) Dual Sport Helmet (8) ... Get ready to ride out to the backcountry for some fun in the snow with our collection of men’s snowmobile helmets. Make sure you’re warm and comfortable when tearing up the snowbanks with a helmet packed with features.

Most higher-end dirt lids are coming in under three pounds and will have three or four times the amount of vents built into the helmet than a street or street-based dual-sport helmet. This is due to the fact that street helmet vents are optimized for highway speeds averaging 60 to 70 mph. Riding trails or single-track, your average speed will likely be in the single digits or teens, at best.

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