2 broken leg can you walk?

Justyn Gulgowski asked a question: 2 broken leg can you walk?
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  • Broken leg: A person with a broken leg may walk with the assistance of a device, such as a cane.


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❓ Broken leg but can still walk?

Any injury to your leg clearly disrupts your regular workout routines, but you can still be active and maintain a regular cardio workout and perform muscle exercises. Be as active as you safely can be while you are injured and be ready for action, or at least a gradual return to action, once your injury has healed and the cast, boot, or protective shoe is off.

❓ Can you walk on broken fibula?

  • Because the fibula is not a weight-bearing bone, your doctor might allow you walk as the injury recovers. You also might be advised to use crutches, avoiding weight on the leg, until the bone heals because of the fibula's role in ankle stability.

❓ Can you walk with broken foot?

If you are in a walking boot then you don’t have a Jones fracture as you either have surgery or you are non-weightbearing for months. I had a fracture of my 5th met, it took almost 3 months to get healead but I also broke the joint so that is supposedly what delayed it.

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The major symptoms of a broken leg are pain, swelling, and deformity. Less obvious breaks might need an X-ray to diagnose. Signs you might have a broken leg are: Bruising; Not being able to walk

Once your leg is out of its splint, cast, or external fixation device, you doctor may recommend physical therapy to lessen stiffness and bring back movement and strength to your healing leg ...

Care for a Broken Leg Ideally, you can avoid having to treat a fracture and learning to walk after a broken leg by reducing your risk of fracturing your bone in the first place. This is especially important for older adults, who are prone to osteoporosis.

Center. A patient with a broken metatarsal may be able to walk. A patient with a broken metatarsal may be able to walk, depending on how painful the injury is. Despite this, the patient with a metatarsal fracture is advised to avoid excessive walking, especially on uneven ground, to eliminate the risk of displacement.

Can you walk with a broken leg. A 35-year-old member asked: When is it okay to walk after broken leg? Dr. G Jason Hunt answered. Orthopedic Surgery 16 years experience. Depends: There are some fractures that are safe to weight bear. Others require a period of protected weight bearing.

This is the most restrictive of all weight-bearing limitations. Since you are not able to bear any weight on the leg, an assistive device, such as a walker or crutches, will be necessary for you to walk. When walking with your walker or crutches, keep your affected knee bent and keep your toes off the floor.

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How to walk after a broken leg?

Toe-strengthening exercises help improve walking after a broken tibia or fibula by targeting the smaller muscles in your foot. HOW TO DO IT: Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. Place marbles on the ground next to your feet.

Will i ever walk again broken legs?

So broke my leg 5 weeks ago. Serious agony for the first 2 weeks and very difficult life wise as I was basically housebound. Anyway. Three days ago t

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Broken down on motorway which way to walk?

In which direction should you walk to find the nearest emergency telephone? Along the hard shoulder there are marker posts at 100-metre intervals. These will direct you to the nearest emergency telephone.

Can a cat walk on a broken foot?

If only one toe in the cat's foot is broken, you may be able to make her comfortable and speed healing by simply bandaging the foot, as the other toes will support and serve as a splint for the broken one. This is similar to how a broken finger would be handled in a person.

Can a cat walk with a broken tail?
  • If your cat has fractures in multiple legs, she would likely be unable to walk at all. A pelvic fracture would make it very difficult for your cat to walk. If your cat has a spinal cord fracture, she may be unable to walk due to paralysis. With an injured tail, your cat may drag her tail when she walks or lack coordination in her back legs.
Can a chicken walk on a broken leg?
  • A broken leg may look crooked and swollen, and the bird won’t walk on it. Broken legs can be splinted, but it’s best to let a vet or someone experienced in bird rehabilitation do this. In a young bird, the bones heal quickly. Once again, you should separate the bird from your flock until it has healed.
Can a child walk on a broken leg?

Can't move a limb like normal. This isn't always a sign of a fracture, though. And some children can still move it even if it's broken.

Can a dog walk on a broken paw?

If your baby can put ANY weight on it at all and walk on it then it is definitely not broken.It could, however be strained or sprained or sore. Please let me know what hapened so we can discuss this in more detail. Very sincerely, Terri

Can a dog walk on a broken toe?

When your dog has a swollen toe, it is easy to underestimate the potential seriousness of this condition.

dog owners can sometimes write it off as a bug bite or something their dog has stepped on.

A swollen toe can cause limping or reluctance to walk due to pain.

Usually, only one toe is affected.

Can a dog walk with a broken leg?

Can a dog walk with a broken leg? Best answers a dog can maybe walk with a broken leg, or at least limp! my dog broke her leg and she had her bandaged but she managed to carry on, so if you have a lab then yes or any other bigger dogs then yes! but anything smaller no! hope this has helped!

Can a person walk with a broken fibula?

An isolated fibula fracture can, in some circumstances, be considered like a bad ankle sprain." Because the fibula is not a weight-bearing bone, your doctor might allow you walk as the injury recovers.

Can a puppy walk on a broken leg?

Here's a simple guideline to help you determine the severity of the injury: Most dogs will not walk on a broken leg or dislocated joint. A good exam requires two people: one to examine the leg and one to restrain the dog. Painful dogs bite, even people they love, so be cautious.

Can a tarantula walk on a broken leg?
  • With leg injuries, they will drop the leg if it is too bad. They have valves to stop the hemolymph from continuing to drain once the leg is dropped. Being a mature male, he will never grow that leg back, but he will still be just fine without it, at least for however long he lasts (mature males generally don't last terribly long anyway).
Can i walk on a broken pinky toe?

It may be difficult to walk due to the pain, especially with a broken big toe. This is because the big toe bears much of the weight of the body during walking or pivoting. A broken little toe (pinky toe) may be painful but usually does not limit the ability to walk.

Can my dog walk after a broken nail?

Dog broken nail causes. Causes of dog broken nails can include: Trauma; Infection; Bacteria or fungus; Tumour or cancer; Immune system diseases; Congenital problems; Cutting the nails too close to the nail bed. How can I tell if my dog broke a nail? Common signs of a dog split nail can include: Licking paws; Lameness or difficulty walking; Pain in the feet

Can you physically walk on a broken foot?

If you've broken your foot, you will experience immediate pain and swelling, along with bruising and occasional numbness. The pain will usually be so intense that walking will not be physically possible. In some cases, you may experience shock and will not be able to notice the pain immediately.

Can you still walk on a broken ankle?

Can you walk on a broken ankle?

  • Depending on the bone that is broken, the different types of fractures, and whether it involves another soft tissue injury or sprained foot or ankle, you may be able to walk on a broken foot.
Can you walk again after a broken pelvis?

After pelvic fracture, will i be able to walk normal again with no pain and no balance problems? 1 doctor answer • 4 doctors weighed in. Share. Dr. Ahmad M Hadied answered. Orthopedic Surgery 49 years experience. Most likely: You will be able to walk, no balance problems if the frature correctly. 5.9k views Reviewed >2 years ago. Thank. Dr. Vasu Brown and 2 doctors agree 3 doctors agree. 6 ...

Can you walk with a broken cuboid bone?

In cuboid fractures with minimal pain and swelling, treating with an elastic bandage or with a fracture boot and walking with partial weight bearing until the satisfactory regression of the symptoms, may be enough. In the case of severe initial pain, a short walking cast for 4-6 wk is recommended[30].

Can you walk with a broken hip bone?

Many times, the only thing keeping a patient from walking on a broken leg or using a broken arm is the pain. Sometimes, a really bad complete fracture will not be able to carry weight or otherwise function properly. Most of the time, however, fractures can indeed support weight.

Can you walk with a broken metatarsal bone?

Not really. It's unlikely that you would be able to put any weight on the injured foot, due to the pain and swelling. In addition, attempting to put weight on the foot may worsen the injury, particularly if the broken ends of the bone are misaligned. An orthopedist will evaluate your fracture and determine if surgical treatment is necessary or if your fracture can be treated with immobilization. You should not attempt to put any weight on the injured foot until your doctor has begun your treatment and advised you that it is safe to do so.